Snowy Owl Pre-Flight

Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

I was fortunate to capture this moment of a Snowy Owl just before it took off from the sign post it was resting on yesterday in Muskegon County, Michigan. Today it will probably feel more comfortable now that snow has finally arrived again in West Michigan.

(Click on any of my photos to see an enlarged version)

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63 responses to “Snowy Owl Pre-Flight”

  1. dorothycunningham says :

    He is a beauty! Nice capture!

  2. kesasso says :

    Beautiful. I love your pictures.

  3. thepottershand2011 says :

    How fortunate! Nice!!!

  4. Writing Letters & Postcards says :

    Incredible timing to capture this!

  5. Northern Narratives says :

    Such a beautiful bird.

  6. Garden Walk Garden Talk says :

    I too thought of Harry Potter. I love the owl’s pose. Beautiful image.

  7. Amor24 says :

    Lovely!! The first thing that comes to mind is Harry Potter :D

  8. Lloyd says :

    Beautiful shot of an awesome bird. It is very tough to get great shots of owls. Kudos to you.

  9. marina kanavaki says :

    You’ve captured that slight movement just before taking off, so well!

  10. TBM says :

    Awesome capture.

  11. deedeemallon says :

    Gorgeous picture! I heard that snowy owl numbers are increasing in North America due to food shortages (no lemmings?) in Canada….

  12. Kris Kennedy says :

    Love the photos…they speak volumes…

  13. tygerburningbright says :

    Thanks for visiting my blog and choosing to follow it! Great nature picks! i could learn a lot from them!

  14. latebloomerbuds says :


    I sure am glad you found my blog so I could find yours! Talk about kindred spirits and Michiganders to boot!

    You have a gorgeous space and I look forward to getting to know you. Thanks for subscribing!


  15. ladyfi says :

    Wow – this is a magnificent shot! Perfect timing.

  16. Alex Autin says :

    You’re either incredibly patient….or incredibly fortunate….or both! Beautiful work.

  17. Leslie says :

    Awesome! I really must haul myself down to the Chicago lakefront, where I hear Snowy Owls have been sighted recently.

  18. Jeff Katzer says :

    Wow, right place…right time! Nice job.

  19. Wired4Coffee says :

    Wow..I love OWLS..they are said to be good luck :)

  20. ree says :

    OMG! I LOVE your pictures!!

    Great job!

  21. sweetmeow says :

    I doubt I’ll ever see a snowy owl in the wild, so I’m grateful for your photos of him! :)

  22. StrangeLittleGirl Photography says :

    Amazing catch!!

  23. Heather says :

    Beautiful! About 10-15 years ago a snowy owl made a home on top of a specific electric pole in my home county in southern Ohio. He was a draw for people far and wide, myself included, but I didn’t capture any shots as nice as this. Thanks for sharing!

  24. vineetmenon says :

    It’s HEDWIG!!

    Nice shot :)


  25. afarnsworthaday says :

    Very nice!!! A real “hoot”. Glad you liked my painting on, did you know I also have a daily photo site, I hope you’ll give it a look.
    By the way, I’m no fan of snow, but your photo Snowy River is a real beauty. I like your Great Blue Heron shots, too.

  26. a.l.l.vanilla says :

    I would so love to see this magnificent bird, but so happy to see it at least in your photos. Is it often out during the daytime?

  27. worldismycuttlefish says :

    It looks so purposeful.

  28. Dreams and Zeros says :

    It reminds me of someone about to dive off a diving board!! Beautiful shot.

  29. IsobelandCat says :

    Like a fighter jet.

  30. pegbur7 says :

    Love this one!

  31. yi-ching lin says :

    beautiful posed-for-action shot! (smile)

  32. Simbelmyne Hills says :

    Oh wow! Amazing catch! :D

  33. Margie says :

    What a wonderful owl! We have Great Horned Owls in our woods, but I can never find them when there is enough daylight to get a good photo!

  34. Jennifer Flint Designs says :

    Awesome shot! My boyfriend got some photos of a juvenile snowy owl a week or two ago at Nubble Light in Maine. Apparently there is a huge influx of them all over the country this year, due to a really good crop of lemmings in the Arctic, which led to an irruptive year for them, if I’m spelling that right. Bird talk. Not my thing, but they’re gorgeous owls! Great to see another one here! :)

  35. Jasline says :

    This is a really pretty shot! Wish I can take such a beautiful photo like you!

  36. clydethecamper says :

    This literally just made me gasp. What fortuitous timing to be there at that very moment! Gorgeous!!!

  37. kenyabirding says :

    Beautiful! I am a big fan of owls and I love how you have captured it!!

  38. Thomas Davis says :

    Oh, what a magical moment captured on film! The snowy owl conjures a sense of time whorling through a universe made wise by the owl’s deep eyeing of the world it inhabits. Thank you for this. It is magic.

  39. antarabesque says :

    Awesome, perfectly timed! Well done.

  40. copypastelol says :

    getting ready for take off, great picture

  41. soundarya ratna singh says :

    how do you capture such amazing moments,and where do you find these precious one.You are really lucky and amazingly talented.

  42. schwitters57 says :

    Jeffery, I love your photographs. What lens are you using here? Really lovely! Thanks for stopping by my site.

  43. James says :

    This is a wonderful photo. Owls are on of my favorite birds. I have never seen a snowy owl. I hope I will get a chance to see one some day.

  44. cucurbithoophouse says :

    What a beautiful photo! Great job catching the majesty of Western Michigan!

  45. Stepping My Way to Bliss says :

    Oh my word…that is so amazing! I never see owls. You are fortunate to not only see one but to capture it beautifully. ~~Bliss

  46. organic brie says :

    Wow. One of my life goals is to glimpse one of these in the winter time.

  47. asuka11akira says :

    Amazing … just prepare yourself to let go.

  48. dianne - life as i see it says :

    wonderful image, what a beautiful owl

  49. scottrandall says :

    Beautiful capture! We hear the owls at night here in San Diego but haven’t managed to find one in the day to photograph (other than at the wild animal park). Congrats!

  50. snehratnasingh says :

    this one reminds me HARRY POTTER …… AWESOME

  51. schwitters57 says :

    Thank you for the lens tip! Keep ‘em coming!

  52. emquiltingwordpress says :

    Birds are amazing subjects. Love it. Thanks for sharing.

  53. Snailquake says :

    What a capture! Very inspiring.

  54. barbaraelka says :

    You nature photographs are amazing. Such patience…
    You surround yourself with beauty

  55. playonbirds says :

    The suspense is killing me! I’m dying to see that bird in flight. I have only seen 2 owl species, and am so eager to see more. Thanks for following my humble little birder blog at!

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