Reflected Sun

Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

I found the opportunity to combine some architectural photography today along with outdoor/nature photography when I caught this reflection of the sun setting near a tree in the windows of a building at Holland State Park in Michigan.

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49 responses to “Reflected Sun”

  1. aretae2 says :

    Wow! Incredibly beautiful shot.

  2. Jennifer Triplett says :

    Very beautiful! It looks like the sun set is happening inside the building.

  3. latebloomerbuds says :

    Fab combo for sure! Margie

  4. She speaks.... says :

    I love reflections!!!!

  5. Irene Tobias Rodriguez says :

    Beautiful! I’ve taken some similar shots that look like there is a fire in the building but note as great is yours.

  6. Dorothy says :

    Gorgeous color and composition

  7. Crowing Crone Joss says :

    oh this is lovely. So much beauty all around.

  8. jackbridges says :

    I love this. I’ve always tried to write a description of this sort of light phenomenon and fallen short. It’s just something that has to be seen.

  9. artchismo says :

    Beautiful Photo!

  10. onelifethislife says :

    Your photo illustrates the natual beauty of this wonderful planet we call earth for every man to see! Simply amazing!

  11. lulu says :

    Wow! Did you just happen to be in place for that shot or had you been waiting? In either case, it’s magical.

    • photonatureblog says :

      Hi! Thanks, I just happened to see it today. If I had moved 20 feet in another direction, I wouldn’t have seen it because the angle of the reflection wouldn’t have been visible. I’m always looking for the next shot and was fortunate to see this one. Thanks again!

  12. Miles says :

    Beautiful! :-) This will be my theme inspiration for the week …” reflections” Thanks for the inspiration.

  13. sweetmeow says :

    THIS is the kind of photo I would like to take for our upcoming camera club competition for “windows” (we can interpret it anyway we want) – and I have been thinking about reflections in windows. This is superb!

  14. Josselin Morales says :

    Very interesting picture indeed! good job!

  15. Andrew Petcher says :

    Two of my favourite subjects – sunset and reflections!

  16. katehobbs says :

    This is a good example of looking around you when photographing any subject. Don’t just concentrate on what is in front of you, but look behind, because something magical usually happens. This is a great shot.

  17. Bassas Blog says :

    Like burnished copper. Wonderful shot.

  18. Mare F says :

    This was a delightful way drink my first cup of coffee this morning. Thank you.

  19. maggiemehaffey says :

    Really nice!

  20. Todd Materazzi Photography says :

    Frame this shot! I like the fact that the roof shows it might be cold or at least not hot. The sun provides me with comfort with the home shown. :) Thanks!

  21. cidnlars says :

    So beautiful! Great shot!

  22. Alex Autin says :

    Nice work! The sun is an awesome subject and I really like the way you captured the tree and clouds as well.

  23. mab001 says :

    Two of my favorite subjects! Great picture. I love your stuff. Thanks for liking my images over on I appreciate it. M.A.B.

  24. Filipe Marques says :

    Fantastic, not only the sun but also the reflection of the tree.

  25. Lauren Henley says :

    I absolutely LOVE this!

  26. opreach says :

    What a great shot!

  27. Andrea O'Connell says :

    I LOVE your work! All of it and especially this one because of its uniqueness. :)

  28. Pablo Buitrago says :

    I really love the colors here.

  29. emquiltingwordpress says :

    This is a cool shot! Thanks for sharing!

  30. winegums says :

    I love this image. Great combination of man and nature!

  31. monareddy says :

    Beautiful shoot! I love how you framed it…the trees are aligned with the vertical center line leading to the roof!

  32. debbe says :

    Wow! Great reflection shot!

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