Piercing Eyes

Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

This Great Horned Owl, which I photographed today at the Outdoor Discovery Center in Holland, Michigan, produced a powerful look with it’s piercing yellow eyes. The Center held it’s annual Winterfest earlier today. I’ve found it to be a great place to visit to see a variety of wildlife.

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83 responses to “Piercing Eyes”

  1. Pin Up America says :

    Oh wow, amazing! :D

  2. josephdonaghy6515 says :

    Like the Photo

  3. David Bennett says :

    Nice shot.

    I’m sure he would fit right in with the crowd at a Gentleman’s Club in one of the more exclusive areas of London. He has the look.

  4. Beyond the Grind says :

    Beautiful shot of a beautiful bird.

  5. Greg Van says :

    Love it. Love owls.

  6. Kris Kennedy says :

    That’s intense, nice shot…

  7. Regina (Gina) Arnold says :

    Way cool! You captured the powerful life force in the eyes. Bravo! I, too, love owls.

  8. Victor Ho says :

    Great composition. Wonderful shot.

  9. carolynpageabc says :

    Gorgeous – My first impression was Wow – ‘attitude’. Then the Gremlins movie & the Mogwai. Seems to be a little resemblance…??

  10. Mona says :

    I like the close focus on the eyes.

  11. Inspired and pretty says :

    Absolutely amazing shot !

  12. thenicolniche says :

    Great shot. We get great horned owls perched on our roof at night from time to time. I’ve never been able to get close enough for a shot like that though!

  13. James says :

    This is a wonderful picture of a horned owl. I really enjoy looking for and watching owls. Thanks for this picture!

  14. Angeline M says :

    Beautiful animal, and beautiful photo.

  15. Harold Rhenisch says :

    It’s great, the way you continually find the light. It’s as if your world is laid as a screen over it, and you find the spaces that let’s us see in.

  16. Sheila T Illustrated says :

    In addition to the eyes, I like the detail of the open beak

  17. marshmallowfluffxo says :

    amazing eyes. I just love this one!

  18. Leslie says :

    That is awesome! I hear these guys who-who-who-ing but I never see them except at the nature center. They are so stealthy.

  19. Northern Narratives says :

    Nice colors on that beautiful bird.

  20. plaidoak says :

    What a cute owl (o:

  21. Barbaraelka says :

    What a beauty!

  22. sweetmeow says :

    Wow! What an expression! Those ears!

  23. johnmichaelphotos says :

    outstanding photo, as usual. I’m very impressed by your work.

  24. valzone says :

    Wow, handsome or what.

  25. Louis says :

    Immaculate photography and what a character!

  26. jeg700 says :

    You’ve captured a great look.
    One that I have when I’m upset I believe:)

  27. melissakoski says :

    Oh what a great opportunity. Every time I’ve been at the Discovery Center this owl has been in its cage and since the bars are so close together its impossible to get a great picture. This is lovely!!

  28. Bonnie Michelle says :

    The clarity is unbelievable. And if I may offer a personal point of view, the photo is a statement for the belief all living things have a soul!

  29. asuka11 says :

    Those eyes are just powerfull!

  30. zannyro says :

    Now that is an interesting look. Beautiful lighting!

  31. Dustin Faulkner says :

    Nice shot! Perfect DOF

  32. Lily says :

    This is an excellent photo!! I love how the owl looks so condescending and patronising!! I love it!

  33. designermouse says :

    I have a cat that has given me that same look!

  34. vido0311 says :

    We called this bird “Ghost Bird”

  35. Watching Seasons says :

    Excellent image of a somewhat grumpy owl! :)

  36. Ramon says :

    this is a great shot!

  37. Ian Fraser says :

    What an awesome look… That re-minds of how my wife looks at me when I am in trouble.

  38. lisahudson says :

    Challenge to a stare-down? Anybody? Anybody? Great shot!!!

  39. My Refractions says :

    He look so young… btw, its a brilliant shot!

  40. marina kanavaki says :

    Amazing look and amazing shot! Owls have somewhat anthropomorphic faces… Strange birds!

  41. chelsealeighbee says :

    Beautiful!! I love how the Owl is looking at you like he is extremely annoyed. Hahaha

  42. mjspringett says :

    he does have a unique expression, nice shot, nice to see someone who braves the cold and ice to get the shot, thanks MJ

  43. Pamela Vachon Photography says :


    totally corny, i know, but i nominated your blog for the “Versatile Blogger Award”. It is kind of a little “kudos to you” chain letter, but the nomination was totally heartfelt:


  44. GregPC says :

    Hmmm. That gives me an idea for a Daily Dozen set. I’ve done a few on eyes but I could do one on piercing or intense eyes. Thanks for the inspiration.

  45. brianisemann says :

    What lens did you use for this?

  46. Kieran Hamilton says :

    Amazing shot, but the owl does not look too amused!

  47. Dena says :

    I agree with Kieran – that owl looks like he’s got a few words for you. Beautiful shot!

  48. Judy says :

    piercing is right! Reminds me of my mom when she’d get mad at me! Stunning photo!

  49. MikeP says :

    Thanks so much for the follow… really appreciate it.

  50. ilOOk streetstyle says :

    amaizing…beatiful shot

  51. preobrazhenskii says :

    Captivating and powerful.

  52. pretty yummy things says :

    beautiful and moving shot. wow!

  53. Brian Comeau says :

    That is spectacular!!! National Geographic worthy.

  54. joycebrandon says :

    He looks like he’s having a conversation with you! I love it!

  55. Pixie Gaby says :

    Great job!! Gorgeous photograph ;) Thanks for the like!! and nice to meet you!

  56. tomwhelan says :

    Great view – I’m another owl lover.

  57. Michael Glover says :

    I love the details in this shot! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  58. emquiltingwordpress says :

    Its like the is saying “Don’t you dare try” Great shot of the owl. Thanks for sharing.

  59. ayel says :

    Wow. I like this shot. Piercing eyes, really.

  60. cocomino says :

    How impressive!

  61. imp images says :

    great shot , eyes are brilliant

  62. todayimlovin says :

    Hey Jeffrey,
    Thanks for following my blog.
    I love this photo, it looks fantastic. The owl looks a little annoyed about being photographed though.


  63. jesterqueen1 says :

    You’ve really captured his personality, too. He’s looking at you saying “I am not pleased, sir.” (However, I, the viewer, am MUCH pleased!!)

  64. niasunset says :

    WOW! You captured such an amazing looking eyes… Great shot. Thank you, with my love, nia

  65. Drew says :

    Wow it’s almost like you can pet him!


  66. Chad Andrews says :

    Nice!…well captured.

  67. marinanisi says :

    I love this photo … Spectacular!

  68. Chasiti Moore says :

    I love owls and this is a great photograph. I like the expression on the owl’s face. Great color and lighting, too.

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