Snowy Owl Yawn

Photo by Jeffrey Foltice

I found this Snowy Owl today in Muskegon County, Michigan. He seemed to be a bit tired after being out in the sunshine all day as I caught him yawning.

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61 responses to “Snowy Owl Yawn”

  1. modernzenphotos says :

    Very cute picture. Good capture of the moment.

  2. Victor Ho says :

    Jeff – a very nice shot.

  3. carolynpageabc says :

    Who said Owls couldn’t be cute…. Take that pussy cats and puppy dogs…. ;)

  4. photosfromtheloonybin says :

    Wow, that has to be a once in a lifetime photo! Amazing!!

  5. studioeingana says :

    This is a really awesome shot! Great job!

  6. samacwns says :

    Where do you find all these birds?

  7. scillagrace says :

    Oh, you got one! I’ve been reading about their appearances in large numbers here in the Midwest because of the lemming shortage up north. I hope I see one!

  8. Julie says :

    Maybe it says something about me, but to me, he looks like he’s laughing at a really good joke. I love it.

    • photonatureblog says :

      lol, thanks. If I didn’t see him closing his eyes and starting to nod off, then wake up with a yawn a few moments later, I might have thought of him laughing instead of yawning too, lol.

  9. Bethylicious says :

    How CUTE! & what a great shot!!

  10. Leslie says :

    Very nice! I’m hoping to get a shot of a snowy this year. They’ve been spotted in my area, just not by me.

  11. Cat says :

    No way! That is so awesome!

  12. jesterqueen1 says :

    Well hello there little owl. I love that yawn. How rare to catch a serious-looking bird in such a silly pose.

  13. Lisa says :

    That is an incredible catch! Great shot!

  14. emquiltingwordpress says :

    Ahhhhh! How cute! Very tired little guy! Nice shot!

  15. Kris Kennedy says :

    What a great shot…very cute

  16. Karin says :


  17. Terri O.A. says :

    I ADORE this shot. I don’t know how long it took you to get this, but on behalf of all of us,……….THANK YOU!

  18. Judy says :

    Time for a nap! Just a precious, one-in-a-million shot! Kudos to you for the capture!

  19. boomerlifetoday says :

    This made us laugh out loud! Very good….

  20. designermouse says :

    I say this every time, but your photos are wonderful!

  21. Gretchen Del Rio says :

    Great capture. Almost looks like a cat.

  22. absolutetruth1 says :

    Wow great photos. I love nature photos. These are great. Good job!!!!

  23. adruidway says :

    You’ve caught a passing moment at the perfect instant. Fabulous photo!

    Thanks for liking my post today.

  24. zorgor says :

    Birds yawn? That may mean… dinosaurs yawned? Hard to imagine a T-Rex yawning…

    Great capture!

  25. Tricia Booker Photography says :

    Great shot and perfect timing!

  26. valzone says :

    Oh wow, that is some shot, so cute, well done.

  27. hellenjc says :

    Gotta love that yawn !!

  28. iam2012 says :

    Fabulous shot a one in a million chance of getting it like that!


    Adorable owl..seems to have a great sense of humour:)
    Good shot!

  30. asuka11 says :

    To early? Just another good day for hunting.

  31. josephdonaghy6515 says :

    Reblogged this on MY BLOG ~.

  32. Ed says :

    Excellent capture, it seems there is a larger amount of Snowy owls migrating south this year, they have been spotted as far south at Missouri..:-)

  33. nadinemarie33 says :

    Oh how adorable!!! :-)

  34. Debbie Greene says :

    Great photo! Are you seeing them as an unusual species to your area right now? We have them in CHICAGO this winter! Wierd!

  35. norinep says :

    Feed me, Seymour!! :)

    Love it! Wish I could find one close enough to get a photo!

  36. Kaya says :

    You captured a great moment. You put a smile on my face. Awesome photograph!!!! I love it very, very much.

  37. Leanova Designs says :

    This is awesome! I think I will crown it as my favorite picture :)

  38. becca givens says :

    Way too cool captured shot — what a gift!!

  39. Bella Remy Photography says :

    Where o Where did you see this owl? That’s all the Annapolis birders can talk about this week. The Snowy Owl. They’re going to great lengths to try to find one.

  40. sweetmeow says :

    That is the cutest shot – and so perfectly timed! How unusual is it to have a snowy owl nearby to you?

  41. ridafatima says :

    aaawwww… shweet….

  42. Sheila T Illustrated says :

    Maybe he was thinking, oh bother, just another photographer! LOL! Seriously, another great capture.

  43. deannagreensandgardenart says :

    You captured a great scene!

  44. healingpilgrim says :

    Oh hilarious! Sleeping beauty… :)
    thnx for liking my blog too!

  45. arrynvogan says :

    I love owls! This was great timing!

  46. Caryn says :

    Fantastic shot!

  47. Nandini says :

    Wow! I loved this. How lucky were you, great moment indeed! :)

  48. jessielansdel says :

    My favourite birds. This is a cracking shot. And I know how the little chap feels. :-)

  49. Lorrie Morrison says :

    A great photo! I love this type of owl.

  50. bluebrightly says :

    What a moment to see, and to capture. I love Snowy Owls – they have quite a presence, don’t they? Thank you very much for the follow – I appreciate it!

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