Spring Flowers Arrive

Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

I found my first Spring Flowers of 2012 during a walk today at the Upper Macatawa Natural Area in Ottawa County, Michigan. I believe they are examples of Birds-Eye Speadwell. The lines on the flowers are called Nectar Guides, and essentially guide the pollinators to the center of the flowers like painted lines on an airport runway.

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19 responses to “Spring Flowers Arrive”

  1. norinep says :

    Lovely shot! I tried and tried today but the wind god was against me. He seemed to know every time I aimed my camera, and blew just enough that it messed up my photo. I may have to resort to going to grocery store to take photos of flowers! :)

  2. Bonnie Michelle says :

    I have been trying to capture these minute flowers but have yet to be satisfied with my photo. Yours is lovely!

  3. Brian Comeau says :

    Really enjoying your blog and photographs Jeffery. Great stuff!

  4. carolynpageabc says :

    Well described; thank you….! It must be nice for you that spring has arrived… ;)

  5. photosfromtheloonybin says :

    Such a pretty photo, and I loved the airport runway description!

  6. modernzenphotos says :

    Beautiful flower portrait. Thanks for sharing.

  7. timmay says :

    Great pic Jeffery. I frequently struggle with photographing blues – and always appreciate those who don’t.

  8. margaret21 says :

    Love the name Nectar Guides: it’s specifically American I think, and such a descriptive name. Great photo too. As Norinep says, it’s great you got them to sit still too. AND they’re tiny, AND they’re blue. One way or another, pretty much as good as those wonderful bird ‘action shots’ you take so regularly

  9. janeslog says :

    The Spring flowers here are daffodils and tulips. Daffodils are beginning to come out now.

  10. greenwichcda says :

    This is a beautiful shot, with depth and a ‘vintage’ feel to the colours and shapes of the flowers and leaves. I thought they looked like Speedwells – then I read your description and found they are! But they are different from the English ones, which don’t have the pronounced nectar guides. I will look closely next time I see one to compare them.

  11. Kim says :

    poignant and lovely close up.
    LOVE the visual details and the written words description.
    Thank you

  12. boomerlifetoday says :

    Interesting about the significance of the lines on the petals! Nature….amazing

  13. Chad Andrews says :

    Great Macro…Well Done!

  14. Finn Holding says :

    Gorgeous colours – purple flowers against dark green foliage is perfect chromatic synergy. How could any pollinator resist a visit?

  15. Inspired and pretty says :

    What a beauty….and I learned something new today. Beautiful photo !

  16. Mary Jane E Clark says :

    Just lovely…..thanks!

  17. Diann Writes says :

    I love this delicate little flowers – wonderful color. Great shot!

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