Big Blue

Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

With a wonderful palette of various shades of blue, Lake Michigan was a great subject to photograph from St. Joseph, Michigan yesterday. I spotted this boat out on the big lake which added an element of interest to the composition. I used a 200mm F-2.8 Canon L lens with a generic 2X convertor.

(Please click on any of my photos to see an enlarged, more detailed version)

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12 responses to “Big Blue”

  1. Mondrak says :

    What’s a generic 2x convertor? Sorry, not long got into photography as a major hobby so still looking for what most stuff means.

    Very good pic by the way.

  2. Chancy and Mumsy says :

    Beautiful shades of blue.

  3. Gracie says :

    Love the color. It’s very soothing.

  4. susansplace says :

    What beautiful shades of blue! Wonderful!

  5. SKW says :

    Fantastic. I live about 45 minutes away – I never, ever get tired of these beautiful lakes. I get to Lake Michigan as much as I possibly can at any time of the year and am never disappointed. Wonderful shot.

  6. SKW says :

    Reblogged this on Lydiaink and commented:
    This is home…

  7. Chris says :

    Wow… Love it!

  8. Bluebird Annie says :

    The Great Lakes are a gift to those of us who live near, on, around them or in the hinterlands. Great photo of my favorite of them all.

  9. searunner says :

    Nice photograph! You must have been fairly high up to get that angle. Love the colors-

  10. soundarya ratna singh says :

    this is really wondering one.this is just like blue heaven.

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