Nature Comes to Me

Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

While catching up on a few things indoors at home recently, I noticed this little blue butterfly glide past me. With all the doors and windows always closed, it must have flown in unnoticed as someone was opening a door to the house. Or maybe it hitched a ride on my camera bag without my knowing it was there. In any case, I found a flower for it to rest on while I photographed it. Its wings opened just for a few seconds, but I managed to get a nice photo before I released it outside.

Prints available :)

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25 responses to “Nature Comes to Me”

  1. avian101 says :

    That’s a beauty! Good job! :)

  2. Mary Lou Rutledge says :


  3. Pat says :

    I love the way it’s resting on the petals. How nice for it to come inside to pose!

  4. animalartist says :

    That’s gorgeous! What luck to have such a beautiful butterfly visit, and the daisy is a perfect setting.

  5. jbcamera says :

    Maybe it just wanted to come in out of the heat! Are you sure it wanted to go back outside?

  6. Dezra Despain says :

    It’s a little diva! Posing for you like that. Lovely photo!

  7. Chancy and Mumsy says :

    Just gorgeous!

  8. sherijkennedyriverside says :

    I find this one especially beautiful and captivating. Can’t define why, but it’s just a magic one one for me. :)

  9. SKW says :

    Wonderful photo – and it is wonderful to know you waste nothing – again, wonderful.

  10. montucky says :

    What a wonderful shot!

  11. Gina Murrow says :

    Do you sell copies of your photos? I’d like to buy an 8×10 of “Nature Comes to Me.”

  12. Mondrak says :

    Love the colours

  13. marina kanavaki says :

    …it certainly does, doesn’t it?!!!! Because you are very gifted!

  14. asuka11 says :

    This is such a great photo. Already feeling better.

  15. Regina (Gina) Arnold says :

    I think it must have known your good energy. Beautiful shot!!!!

  16. samacwns says :

    Very pretty! I like the blue against the white. :)

  17. Bluebird Annie says :

    A very soothing visual. Nice. Very nice.

  18. Aerykah says :

    Great shot! Love those colors… so pretty! :)

  19. Lois Farley Shuford says :

    Loveliest photo ever!

  20. nature789 says :

    simply put – amazing photo

  21. artchismo says :

    Great Shot! Lovely color

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