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Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

This Mallard duck kicked up quite a splash yesterday in a West Michigan pond. It took a 1/1600 of a second exposure to freeze the water in midair.

Floating Hawk

Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

As I was driving over the weekend on a lakeside road near the top of a hill, on a particularly windy day,  I noticed something strange in the distance. Something absolutely motionless, but in midair. At first I thought it might be someone’s kite, but as I came closer, I saw that it was a hawk! It’s wings were spread as it floated on the updraft, unmoving – not an inch of movement. The driver in front of me noticed as well and pulled over to watch, as I did. I happened to have my camera with me and quickly took a photo as it started to dive. I believe it was at least one minute from the time I first saw the winged wonder, until it decided to move from “floating” mode, to its steep dive.


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