Morning Flight


Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

I caught this mallard duck in flight recently over a West Michigan wetland area. Birds in flight are a favorite subject of mine.

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16 responses to “Morning Flight”

  1. espirational says :

    That’s one of those shots everyone hope for. Great job!

  2. incbymichelle says :

    Such pretty wing colors it has… I saw more than a dozen within the canal today.

  3. lylekrahn says :

    Nice capture. It’s not easy getting them so close to the water.

  4. sledpress says :

    I quite like the chap in the lower left, facing. One can almost imagine him saying “Oh, I could do that better.”

  5. Inspired and pretty says :

    Incredibly beautiful… :)

  6. elmdriveimages says :

    Jeffrey: Great capture…wonderful color.

  7. Jennie says :

    amazing photo!

  8. betunada says :

    recently? it ain’t winter in your neck of the woods

  9. betunada says :

    i meant to say … “yet”?

  10. Renee says :

    wow what a wonderful shot!! Awesome!
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    Renee :)

  11. Candace says :

    Hard to get the perfect moment but you did!

  12. textileconservator says :

    Patience is rewarded with a shot like this.

  13. Adele says :

    Magnificent photo!

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