Jump into Freedom


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I found this Red Tailed Hawk today and captured the moment it jumped into the air from its perch. I found three other hawks today, but wasn’t able to get as close to them as I did this one. Again, this is one of my favorite types of birds to photograph.

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10 responses to “Jump into Freedom”

  1. beverlydyer says :

    Look at those powerful legs and talons!!

  2. Jo Ann says :

    Action shots are always the best shots. Great timing on your part.

  3. betunada says :

    maybe it’s ’cause it’s winter and the trees are bare (the birds of prey may be always around) but i see b-o-p frequently around the house (and the vicinity). perhaps, as a new hobby, i should start trying to identify them!

  4. peaches095 says :

    really pretty :)

  5. natureintheburbs says :

    It’s amazing how strong their legs look

  6. Candace says :

    Hawks are magnificent. I have some hawk shots I took in my yard a couple months ago:


  7. It's only P! says :

    I saw the Red-tailed hawk frequently near my home in Quebec: on the lookout for doves!

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