Emerald Dream


Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

As I walked through a West Michigan forest today, I found the bottom of this tree covered in a vibrant green moss. The color reminded me of emeralds as it seemed to glow clinging to the trunk of the tree. Normally this far into January in West Michigan, the ground would be covered with snow. But with temperatures reaching well into the 50’s, the surrounding carpet of leaves displayed a nice backdrop for the vibrant green.

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10 responses to “Emerald Dream”

  1. Bruce Laister says :

    Reblogged this on The View Through My Lens and commented:
    Great Shot!

  2. marysmemories says :

    The trunk resembles ‘feet’ that is the shape I see.

  3. Kyle says :

    Makes me wish for a shaft of sunlight to spotlight the jewel!

  4. Pat says :

    They look like big green feet!

  5. Brian Comeau says :

    That is pretty cool Jeffery. Great image!

  6. doubleblue02 says :

    I really like the different textures and patterns you get with the tree to the leaf cover ground. And yes – they do look like furry feet!

  7. betunada says :

    mr. photonaturalblawg: this is jes’ friggin’ fantastick!

  8. utesmile says :

    That is so beautiful!

  9. oneintercessor says :

    The air there is very healthy then–good place to go breathe! Great shot!

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