Abstract Shore


Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

I liked the abstract feel to the lines and negative space created by the sand adjacent to an outflow of water as it made its way into Lake Michigan. I photographed the scene as I was out today in Muskegon, Michigan along the shoreline there.


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8 responses to “Abstract Shore”

  1. bolithio says :

    Looks allot like Moonstone beach in CA

  2. Some Photos & Fancies says :

    Very nice – the apparently differing water levels are intriguing.

  3. kristelsaintcyr says :

    Great ! Just some lines so pure ! So calm the outflow of water, so calm the sand, and nearby, swelling, the sea, so rough ! And so grey the outflow of water, as grey as the sky.

  4. betunada says :

    bbrrrr ! looks like cold surfing !

  5. Libby says :

    Lovely feeling of space in this photo.

  6. mrballyhoo229 says :

    Very serene! Love the photo.

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