Forest Floor in Autumn


Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

I noticed this Oak leaf resting on some green moss today while walking through a wooded area in Muskegon, Michigan. The intricate veins throughout the leaf structure looked interesting to me. This particular example must have fallen recently as it appeared more fresh than the surrounding leaves.

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8 responses to “Forest Floor in Autumn”

  1. [ayu] says :

    love the details in this shot. autumn always gives such great colour pallet too. I love dried fallen leaves…

  2. Joanne says :

    Beautiful capture!

  3. manyounighted says :

    For a second there, I thought that you had found a hedgehog burrowed under the leaves! Great snapshot!

  4. darrickearegood says :

    My favorite time of year!

  5. Pat says :

    Lovely light.

  6. My walks in Crete says :

    autumn colors.. beautiful!!!

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