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This was taken a short time after the sunset of the previous image in Grand Haven, Michigan over the waters of Lake Michigan. The perspective has changed with my choice of a wider angle lens along with the dramatic transition in the lighting, color and texture of the clouds. (Click on any of my images for a more detailed enlarged version)


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10 responses to “Afterglow”

  1. 2flames1soul says :

    Both so Brilliant!!!

  2. Inspired and pretty says :

    This is incredibly beautiful Jeffrey !

  3. Learning2Hear says :

    Beautiful! The Heavens truly do declare the glory of God!

  4. thorazinequeen says :

    So stunning, it looks like lava.

  5. mpejovic says :

    Very pretty sunset!

  6. runglaz says :

    A reblogué ceci sur runglaz.

  7. Pat says :

    Another beautiful shot!

  8. kerlund74 says :

    Wow, an amazing capture:)

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