Winter Waterfall

Upper Tahquamenon_1

Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

Looking through my files, I found these images I captured from a winter past in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. The partially frozen Upper Tahquamenon Falls were quite beautiful along with the huge icicles that hung from the nearby shore. The 200 foot wide Falls have a drop of 48 feet on the Tahquamenon River which is known for its yellow brown color caused by the tannis leached from cedar swamps.

Upper Tahquamenon2

Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

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30 responses to “Winter Waterfall”

  1. jonzjonz says :

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  2. nadiyasmait09 says :

    its amazing..awasome.. ;)

  3. dogkisses says :

    Wow! Stunning photograph!

  4. TravelinPixels says :

    Wow. That looks amazing!

  5. nickareno38 says :

    I’ll be biking by here next summer on my bike tour. Very nice photo!

  6. spartacus2030 says :

    Beautiful captures! Even gave me a chill. LOL! I like icicles :O)

  7. Donna says :


  8. Joanne says :

    What incredible captures – wish our “cold” would come soon!

  9. Vicki (from Victoria A Photography) says :

    What a stunning landscape. Love the frozen water and it’s wonderful formation.

  10. mariayarri says :

    Hi Jeffrey ! Fantastic photo ! … Just love it …
    In the beginning of February i´m planning to ice climb at Ristafallen ( waterfall ) here in Jämtland … // Maria :)

  11. raulconde001 says :

    Awesome pictures. :)

  12. cessology says :

    Is there such a thing as “scarily beautiful”? Because I feel that this one is…beautiful! …but scary at the same time. 😳😉

  13. franzisofie says :

    Great! Looks wonderful.

  14. Harold Rhenisch says :

    I’ve seen many winter waterfall pictures, and have taken many others, and yours is without a doubt one of the very best.

  15. angelgrrl291 says :

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  16. santiariyani32 says :

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    amazing :)

  17. glorialong00 says :

    Congratulations, you’re a great photographer!!

  18. Carissa says :

    It is hard to determine scale in the first photograph. The second makes it clear!

  19. randomramblingideas says :

    Fantastic pictures, really something different :)

  20. mwp314 says :

    Just a wonderful picture!

  21. Kate Loveton says :

    Beautiful… just… beautiful.

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