Waiting for Spring



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With blue skies coming back to Michigan the past two days, it brought to mind images of Spring. I found this photo I took in warmer weather to help remind us all that Spring isn’t far away. The Green Heron was in a local wetland area as I captured this moment.

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17 responses to “Waiting for Spring”

  1. Mind Margins says :

    It’s finally warming up here in north Texas and is supposed to be in the 70’s all week, so hopefully some of it will travel up your way. I’ll send some your way special express. :-)

  2. Trèsors De Luxe { tresors deluxe } says :

    Love this photo and the message: waiting for Spring! Aren’t we all :)Have you entered our KATE SPADE Giveaway : http://tresorsdeluxe.wordpress.com/2014/02/13/kate-spade-giveaway/ Good luck! xx Trèsors De Luxe

  3. Jocelyne says :

    A superb capture ! But I don’t want Spring already, I want another month and a half of snow :)

  4. Pat says :

    Beautiful capture.

  5. Draws Shoots and Leaves says :

    I’ve gone south to find warmth but when I get home I hope spring will be around the corner.

  6. dweezer19 says :

    I love the way its colors blend with the log where it stands.

  7. debibradford says :

    Nice shot! They aren’t easy to photograph, or not for ME anyway! They are lovely birds – thank you for sharing!

  8. janeslog says :

    Great photo. The Herons in the UK are grey and a lot less colourful.

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