Display of Color


Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

I heard today that Northern Cardinals have begun to mark their territories for Spring in West Michigan. I was happy to find this one resting on a branch this morning displaying its brilliant red coloring.

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21 responses to “Display of Color”

  1. raulconde001 says :

    I love cardinals. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Jocelyne says :

    Oh wow, Jeff… You always amaze me with your wonderful photos :) xo

  3. Pat says :

    Such a handsome bird!

  4. ronfeir says :

    Gorgeous contrast between the tree branches and the red bird. Well done! Please follow my blog postings.

  5. dweezer19 says :

    This is a really nice background and shot. Cardinals always challenge me for clarity. Very nice photo.

  6. greenbenchramblings says :

    I love our native UK birds but I wouldn’t mind a few of those beauties in my garden! Malc

  7. Tisha Clinkenbeard says :

    I truly love the cardinals. We have a lot of them here and they are always at my feeders. Just beautiful!

  8. Tisha Clinkenbeard says :

    Reblogged this on Found Round & About and commented:
    For the cardinal lovers….

  9. David says :

    Spring, then, can’t come soon enough.

  10. Three Well Beings says :

    Cardinals don’t come west to California, but I would just love a close encounter! The photo is beautiful. That gorgeous red contrasted with the bare branches is exquisite!

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