Horned Lark Stroll


Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

I found this Horned Lark yesterday walking along a West Michigan roadside through some straw. As Spring approaches I’ve noticed more bird activity in the area.

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11 responses to “Horned Lark Stroll”

  1. debibradford says :

    Never seen a horned lark before… how very amazing!

  2. dianaed2013 says :

    Great bird portrait

  3. Pat says :

    Such a pretty bird. I’ve seen only one before.

  4. Frances Macaulay Forde says :

    Can’t see a ‘horn’ but greatly appreciate your sharing of nature… always fantastic photos. Thanks.

  5. Nicola J. McDonagh says :

    Gorgeous photo! Such detail – I love it.

  6. Eliza Waters says :

    Same here – the birds are letting us know spring is coming!

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