Nature’s Work of Art


Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

The water created a colorful abstract pattern in its ripples as this Mallard duck floated by me on a West Michigan waterway. (click on the image to see an enlarged version)

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21 responses to “Nature’s Work of Art”

  1. Jocelyne says :

    What a spectacular image Jeff !! I really love it, the patterns are wonderfully beautiful :)

  2. gnachshon says :

    Beautiful effect with the water ripples!

  3. Lucy says :

    Hi Jeffrey, so beautiful – the colours of nature are superb and the reflection in the water seems to honour that beauty. Thank you for sharing :)

  4. Pat says :

    Lovely, intense colors. It looks like a painting.

  5. Frances Macaulay Forde says :

    Absolutely beautiful. So wish I could paint!

  6. oneintercessor says :

    Beautiful-a testimony to the Creator’s handiwork. You are very talented, thank you for sharing.

  7. Libby says :

    Absolutely amazing. What a tapestry of colour.

  8. amy b. says :

    Wow. Incredible image!

  9. Eliza Waters says :

    This is exquisitely beautiful – beyond words!

  10. Raewyn's Photos says :

    I love water reflections. I have a couple of photos like this myself. It is as if the duck is in a different world. Amazing photo. :D

  11. Fossillady says :

    Wow . . . brilliant shot Jeff!

  12. suzjones says :

    A stunning work of art for sure.

  13. Nina says :

    Lovely photo – and a duck with a cheerful expression :)

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