10,000 Followers! Thanks to All! :)


Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

In celebration of reaching 10,000 followers to my blog, I’m posting one of my favorite subjects in nature, a dragonfly. I’m looking forward to Spring and Summer when I’ll be able to see more of these beautiful creatures in their varying colors and patterns. Thanks so much to all for your continued interest in my blog as I attempt to convey some of the beauty and wonders in nature to you!

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60 responses to “10,000 Followers! Thanks to All! :)”

  1. Scott Marshall says :

    blimey just broke 700 :-) congratulations

  2. sherijkennedyriverside says :

    Congrats! And may I say, Well Deserved! I always open and enjoy your posts by email and it brightens my work day. Thanks!

  3. naturesnippets says :

    Congratulations! I look forward to your dragonfly pictures. They’re a favorite of mine too.

  4. hitandrun1964 says :

    Wow. Beautiful picture and congratulations. How do you handle all the responses and e mails?

  5. beverlydyer says :

    That’s amazing! and so are your photos!

  6. Eliza Waters says :

    Wow, congratulations! Your photographs are so awesome, I am not surprised. As Sheri says, “well deserved” – you’ve earned it. So happy for you. Blessings!

  7. noir33 says :

    Spring can’t come too soon!

  8. skywalkerstoryteller says :

    Congratulations. And how many years did this take.

  9. Joanne says :

    Stunning captures and congrats on reaching 10,000 followers! :)

  10. Cousin Belle says :

    CONGRATULATIONS, and thanks for supporting all of us out here on WordPress!!! Belle

  11. lisakimmorley says :

    Congratulations and yet another perfect capture :)

  12. Russel Ray Photos says :

    I love dragonflies. In my home state of Texas, they were everywhere. I know they exist here in San Diego, but in the 21 years I have been here, I have seen exactly three dragonflies.

    • photonatureblog says :

      Hi Russel. I often find them in wetland areas, especially near small ponds :)

      • Russel Ray Photos says :

        And we have lots of wetlands here, but the only place I ever saw them was in a small pond in one of the condominium complexes here. Yet when I go to the San Diego National Wildlife Refuge, or the Tijuana Estuary, or……., or……., or………., they always have pictures of the dragonflies hanging in the lobby. For some reason they avoid me…..lol……They are such fascinating creatures.

  13. raulconde001 says :

    You’re welcome, and congrats to you. :)

  14. Frances Macaulay Forde says :

    Huge congratulations on such an amazing number of people loving your work!
    Regrettably I’m not a photographer, although I did snap a dragon-fly bigger than my hand some time ago – wish I could find the photo.

  15. Jocelyne says :

    My dear Jeff, you amaze me. Congratulations ! 10,000 followers, that’s incredible and so fantastic. You deserve it so much, you’re so talented. This photo is a pure beauty. The light in its wings is really beautiful, what a great capture xo

  16. Julie says :

    Félicitations et merci à toi pour le partage ! Très belle image, bravo !
    (Congratulations and thank you for sharing! Beautiful image, bravo!)

  17. polianthus says :

    congratulations to you as well! I love dragonflies too – last spring I had the opportunity to host one on my balcony for a week feeding it worms, and watching it grow (a larva that is) – also posted a lot of pictures of them, caught one molting, and another drying its’ wings. Love to hear your opinion http://polianthus.wordpress.com/2013/07/18/ready-to-fly-newly-emerged-dragon-fly-drying-its-wings/
    however, my readers didn’t understand the fascination with critters and then dragonfly season was ended :) -nice to find a blog with like-minded people.

    • photonatureblog says :

      Thank you! Yes, they are interesting creatures. I’ll check your post too :)

      • polianthus says :

        hello photonatureblog – interesting and beautiful – read on some misguided website that dragonflies must be destroyed as larvae as they sting. – and could hurt your children……I was really annoyed…..But then we all know you can find anything online.They are the most amazing creatures if one takes the time to look at them – and are a joy to behold both in the water, while flying and feeding! There I said it :)

  18. Carissa says :

    Congratulations! That’s quite an achievement!

  19. inspoetry says :

    Tiny wings set a joyous moment in time. -Yolanda

  20. greenbenchramblings says :

    I am proud to be one of the 10000. The dragonfly is one of the best photos so far. Also one of my favourite creatures.

  21. David says :

    Congratulations on reaching 10,000 followers. It speaks well of your work and skill.

  22. photonatureblog says :

    Thanks very much David :)

  23. artistspromenade says :

    I am longing for a hint of spring colors and the smell of fresh mowed grass! Great shot and Congratulations on having 10,000 followers, that is an amazing achievement.

  24. ccatry says :

    Beautiful pictures.

  25. Pat says :

    Wow! Amazing achievement.

  26. kcinaz says :

    Completely amazing. I love dragonflies. Thanks for sharing! and… congrats on achieving such a fine goal.

  27. Eva says :

    Your work is wonderful. Thanks for tagging along the site and welcome.

  28. darrickearegood says :

    That is great! I enjoy your pictures. I am glad to live in Michigan!

  29. Ray Laskowitz says :

    Thanks for stopping by Storyteller. — Ray

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