Winter Light


Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

Each Grand Haven, Michigan winter produces its own signature in the way the ice freezes and melts, how much snow accumulates, etc. This is a winter past that I captured with the Lake Michigan lighthouse and pier in the background along with ice formations in the foreground. Winter can be beautiful.


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22 responses to “Winter Light”

  1. raulconde001 says :

    I like the way the ice parts are separate, and hold their own ground on top of the lake. Love this picture of the watchtower.

  2. marystreasurechest says :

    A lovely photo. I like the red house and lighthouse. It makes the picture stand out more.

  3. debibradford says :

    Beautiful image. Brrrrrr……..!

  4. kcinaz says :

    Amazing looking even if a lot on the cold side.

  5. Jocelyne says :

    Oh, really beautiful Jeff. I love the vantage point and the ice formations add a lot to this photo. And what a great pop of colour ! I’d love to see this place :) xo

  6. Sarah Longes - Mirador Design says :

    Really striking! I like the way the reflection of the lighthouse is cut off by the ice flow. Red = danger!

  7. photographybyjoylene says :

    Very beautiful! I can appreciate the beauty of winter as long as I don’t have to be out in it :)

  8. doenation says :

    Reblogged this on DoeNationLife and commented:

  9. dianaed2013 says :

    wonderful to find the ‘photographers’ red makes the picture

  10. Pat says :

    Beautiful. I love how the red lighthouse stands out.

  11. Fossillady says :

    Beautiful photo and dramatically different than what it looks like this year!

  12. Carissa says :

    Love the composition and the red pops.

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