Feather Detail


Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

This is a little macro study (pun intended) of a feather I photographed. I liked the flow of the veins of the feather along with the interplay of the yellow spots. I used a Canon 50mm F-2.5 lens for the shot. (Click on this or any of my images to see an enlarged version)


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22 responses to “Feather Detail”

  1. Founder of ilovemusic says :

    WOW>>so much detail!!!!!

  2. hitandrun1964 says :

    A work of art. Beautiful.

  3. Pat says :

    It is beautiful. Wonder what kind of bird it belonged to?

  4. Jocelyne says :

    Very very beautiful, great colours ! :)

  5. sherijkennedyriverside says :

    I was wondering what kind of bird, also…

  6. Eliza Waters says :

    Exquisite nature! Thanks for the close-up!

  7. betunada says :

    phenomenal — who needs microscopes?

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