View to a New Morning



Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

Looking through my files, this image I captured last year of a sunrise caught my eye. I had to share it here to remind us all of the beauty nature offers up each day if we are looking.

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13 responses to “View to a New Morning”

  1. sebstead says :

    Beautiful! :) I put an image up tonight of the sunset this eve! :D

  2. musicandphotos24 says :

    What a gorgeous sunset!

  3. raulconde001 says :

    Love the early morning sunrise. :)

  4. Jocelyne says :

    So very beautiful. The wonders of nature… :)

  5. Eliza Waters says :

    “Red in the morning, sailors take warning.” Looks like it was a hot day. I’ve forgotten what those are like. ;-)

  6. Angela says :

    Incredible photography I’m awed by the way the clouds capture the light and filter it.

  7. Sandra says :

    Great shot. Very dramatic.

  8. oneintercessor says :

    Seems impossible to deny the Creator when seeing things like this. Beautiful.

  9. photonatureblog says :

    Thanks everyone! :)

  10. Draws Shoots and Leaves says :

    I saw the sun rise over the ocean in Brazil last month, it was and is a magical experience to see the dawning of a new day.

  11. ambroseanthonythompson says :

    For a moment I thought I was rising and the sun sinking below the waves of clouds leaving me adrift with the breeze.

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