A Touch of Rose


Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

This Rose-breasted Grosbeak rested on a branch in an Allegan County, Michigan forest today as I photographed it under beautiful blue skies. It was great to hear it singing, heralding a new Spring :) Click on any of my images to see an enlarged more detailed version :)

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26 responses to “A Touch of Rose”

  1. Irene Tobias Rodriguez says :

    You have been posting beautiful pictures, as usual. I enjoy seeing them

  2. pkathf says :

    He’s a beaut!

  3. alm383 says :

    جميلة (Beautiful)

  4. Elizabeth says :

    It’s so beautiful, I like how the background looks like, I’ve trying with my iphone but no luck.

  5. colonialist says :

    Eeek! Who cut his throat? :)

  6. seascapesaus says :

    I love the pairing of the beak with the thorn on the branch. Exquisite photo as well.

  7. elmdriveimages says :

    Jeffrery: Great shot. I’ve seen one Red-breasted Grosbreak in Peoria, Illinois. One in 71 years.

  8. avalonseedlings says :

    Great to see …. i don’t think we have them on Long Island in NY !! Thanks for sharing! Love to see new birds

  9. Pat says :

    What a beautiful bird!

  10. photonatureblog says :

    Thank you Pat, is sure is :)

  11. onepicatatime says :

    I love these birds. Was lucky enough to have one at my feeder this week. Beautiful!

  12. photonatureblog says :

    That’s great Carol. I’ve been wanting to get a photo of one of these for quite a while, I’m glad you found one too.

  13. Jocelyne says :

    Oh wow ! This photo is amazingly beautiful ! I love the blurred branches and leaves in the background, it adds a lot and makes the photo so special. The colours are so beautiful. It’s funny in French we don’t call them grosbeak but rose-breasted cardinal :)

    • photonatureblog says :

      Thank you Jocelyne! That’s so cool to know about the name difference. The background, I agree sets this apart. I was happy it worked out that way. Thanks again! :)

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