Solitary Beauty


Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

I found this solitary and strikingly beautiful tulip over the weekend in Holland, Michigan. I liked the vivid color and the curving sharp edges of the petals.

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30 responses to “Solitary Beauty”

  1. Mr Bennett Kent says :

    That’s a real beauty. I love the contrast between the deep red and the green

  2. iosatel says :

    B e a u t i f u l !

  3. Rise with Keshav Sharma says :

    Amazing pic…so serene and pacifying. Surrounding petals seem to be a group of people who are praising the lord in the centre. Nice. :-)

  4. pkathf says :

    It looks regal! Beautiful. Pam

  5. Beauty Along the Road says :

    Truly striking beauty!

  6. onepicatatime says :

    Beautifully photographed!

  7. Jocelyne says :

    What a great photo, so lovely. The colour of this tulip is striking. A perfect blurred background to isolate the flower and this deep green is really beautiful.
    It’s a new favourite of mine :)

  8. Stardust says :

    its… breathtaking!!!

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