Backlit Flowers


Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

I liked the look of these purple tulips as they were backlit from the sun recently in Holland, Michigan. The colors in shadow were richer with the fringes of the petals being highlighted from behind.

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21 responses to “Backlit Flowers”

  1. alm383 says :


  2. Joanne says :

    Beautiful, beautiful capture!

  3. jemmrose says :

    Beautiful shot!

  4. jameslantern says :

    Mmmh interesting!

  5. lizabetsy1947 says :

    What a stunning picture !

  6. Stardust says :

    wow that flower is SO beautiful!

  7. alktbi090 says :

    زهور جميله

  8. Jocelyne says :

    Wonderfully beautiful ! I like where you positioned the tulip in the frame. When I photograph tulips I can never find the right composition but you did it perfectly.
    So beautiful and I love the vivid colours :)

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