Gathering Clouds


Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

Shortly before sunset yesterday, large billowing clouds were growing toward the east. I captured the moment with a forest line pictured in the foreground.

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19 responses to “Gathering Clouds”

  1. wordsfromanneli says :

    The pink in the clouds makes them look especially pretty.

  2. spartacus2030 says :

    Looks just like my smashed potatoes! Green and orange usually compliment one-another. Ominous isn’t it? How quickly clouds can gather for us too. Wish it were as simple as an umbrella :O(

  3. JustJan says :

    I love clouds! Very beautiful!

  4. Pat says :


  5. chinaecigarettes says :

    Reblogged this on e-cigaretteschina and commented:
    I feel good!

  6. dan says :

    Thank you again for your photography. It is such a joy to go along your travels about Michigan.

  7. mariahrockwell says :

    That is really pretty :)

  8. Jocelyne says :

    This is so beautiful Jeff. It’s so nice with the sunset reflecting on them and the contrast with the green of the trees. Very beautiful :)

  9. kariuki says :

    Rising clouds signify expectancy

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