Macro Beetle


Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

I found this beetle on top of a flowering cluster what I believe to be Queen Anne’s Lace today in Zeeland, Michigan. I used my macro lens to get a detailed view.

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19 responses to “Macro Beetle”

  1. SmldPhotography says :

    Great capture!

  2. Cate Franklyn says :

    I just love the composition on this. Great capture.

  3. Dawnasong says :

    Simply delicate:)

  4. wildlifeblogger6 says :

    The photos that accompany your posts are always of such good quality.

  5. Jocelyne says :

    Beautiful !! :)

  6. Steve Glass says :

    It looks like a type of Soldier Beetle, (Chauliognathus species) according to photos in Heather Holm’s fine book: “Pollinators of Native Plants.”

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