Green Climber


Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

I’m not certain of the type of bug this is, but I found it climbing a cattail in a wetland area of Zeeland, Michigan recently. It was small, approximately 1/4 inch long. I used my 50mm macro, having to stretch as far as I could to reach the tiny creature.

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12 responses to “Green Climber”

  1. Dawnasong says :

    Now that’s a lollapalooza photo, and a very fine little bug.

  2. wordsfromanneli says :

    What a big cloak he’s wearing!

  3. Reggie says :

    And this beautiful creature doesn’t seem to be camera shy at all. Must be a female :-)

  4. DublinEcolo says :

    Beautiful. Looks like it’s part of the plant

  5. Jocelyne says :

    It’s wings looks like leaves. I love macro photography, we can see so much details, sometimes tiny details we can’t see with our eyes :)

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