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I found this unusual looking plant recently near a Southwest Michigan lake. I’d be interested to see if anyone knows what this might be :)

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21 responses to “Spikes”

  1. Nick Hunter says :

    Nice photo – excellent detail. Looks like Buttonbush (Cephalanthus occidentalis), a sprawling, wetland shrub.

  2. Thomas Peace (author) says :

    Nice shot! :) Yes, it’s a Button Bush Tree. I see them in the woods occasionally when I go out macro-photographing. Bees and butterflies especially enjoy the round blossoms for the large quantity of nectar that they produce.

  3. onepicatatime says :

    Cool flower–I’ve never seen one before.

  4. Pat says :

    Beautiful photography!

  5. Jocelyne says :

    What a strange flower, I never saw one before. You captured it so beautifully Jeff. I struggle sometimes to find the right composition with flowers that are more in upright positions like this one, trying to find the right angle, but you excel in that, your flowers photographs are always perfectly composed. :)

  6. sunsetdragon says :

    I see someone else already answered your question. I did not know what ti was but found it interesting and a great shot.

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