Moment of Beauty


Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

I’m not sure the type of flower this is. I had it stored away in my files, but decided to post it tonight.


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43 responses to “Moment of Beauty”

  1. Sylvia says :

    I’m pretty sure it’s Columbine.

  2. Naomi Baltuck says :

    I wouldn’t swear to it, but that looks like a columbine to me–one of my favorites. A rose by any name…

  3. airicu12 says :

    Beautiful. Would you happen to want to share your settings?

  4. reverendpeter says :

    Reblogged this on Universal Life Church – Reverend Peter Stanič and commented:
    what a lovely photo!

  5. circadianreflections says :

    I agree with those above me who say Columbine. What a gorgeous image! The isolation, and Aperture choice was spot on.

  6. amritaskyeblaine says :

    Jeffrey, it’s a columbine. But the blossoms generally face down and hide their beauty.

  7. babogbeag says :

    it’s a columbine

  8. Vicki says :

    Long-spur Columbine (Aquilegia longissima).
    Looks the same as one of my own photos of a yellow one.

  9. wordsfromanneli says :

    Yup, it’s a beautiful columbine.

  10. clarepooley33 says :

    I won’t jump on the band wagon and add my voice to the chorus but I will say that it is a lovely shot of a pretty flower.

  11. Jocelyne says :

    Another stunning photograph Jeff. It looks as if the flower is suspended in the air. I can’t believe how beautiful it is and I’m so impressed by the clarity of this photo. Superb ! :)

  12. bearyweather says :

    Very pretty … fairy-like!

  13. greenbenchramblings says :

    Beautiful shot! It is an Aquiligea by the way.

  14. Birder's Journey says :

    A truly stunning image against this green background ~!

  15. dweezer19 says :

    It is exquisite!

  16. deutschtrailer says :

    Beautiful picture i like it, thank you…❤❤❤

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