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Old Barn


Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

I found this old barn today in Ottawa County, Michigan along a roadside. It will be interesting to see how it will appear as the ivy leaves starts to grow on its side adding green to the coloring of the scene.

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Ice Light


Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

Winter tries to hold on tightly this Spring in Michigan. I found these formations of ice on the Pere Marquette lighthouse yesterday in Muskegon, Michigan along the shores of the big lake.

Winter Light


Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

Each Grand Haven, Michigan winter produces its own signature in the way the ice freezes and melts, how much snow accumulates, etc. This is a winter past that I captured with the Lake Michigan lighthouse and pier in the background along with ice formations in the foreground. Winter can be beautiful.


Silhouette from the Sun


Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

I caught this photographer in silhouette as he was opening his camera bag in preparation to photograph the sun setting once again over Lake Michigan at the end of the North Pier at Holland State Park. The structure there made for a nice framing device to emphasize the form of the photographer shown between its support pillars.




Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

I created an HDR image of this old Railroad Trestle in Hamilton, Michigan with a snow covered waterway underneath the structure.


Lighthouse Sunset


Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

Here is the final shot of this series of photos from the colorful sunset that I recently photographed along the shores of Lake Michigan at Grand Haven State Park. The pier and lighthouse structures give a sense of scale to the scene. Have a happy Thanksgiving!


Windmill Facelift


Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

I photographed the Dutch Windmill “De Zwaan” Sunday in Holland, Michigan. The historic windmill, which was the last to be allowed to be exported from the Netherlands after World War 2, was recently repaired.  The landmark was brought to Holland, Mi. in 1964 after being purchased from the Dutch government. The Windmill’s name translated from the Dutch “De Zwaan” means The Graceful Bird, or The Swan. It was originally erected in 1761 near Amserdame, Noord Holland.

Power of the Lake


Copyright Jeffrey Foltice


Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

I enjoyed photographing some large waves crashing into the Grand Haven State Park lighthouse today on the shores of Lake Michigan. This is typical every year during Autumn as the winds and waves grow in intensity on the big lake. The lighthouse itself is over 40 feet high with the spray from the waves rising above that height today. (click on an image to see an enlarged view)

Sky Afire


Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

I woke up to an amazing sky today. It seemed to be full of fire and the display was incredibly beautiful. I was looking for an interesting foreground when I found these electric power transmission lines and towers. I thought the interaction between nature and man was interesting. I also wondered if in time towers such as these will become obsolete when new methods of transferring the power needs of people may be found.


Big Red Lighthouse

Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

I captured this image of the Holland Michigan Big Red Lighthouse, located on the shores of Lake Michigan, as a rain storm with dark clouds passed in the background yesterday. With the sun brightly illuminating the foreground, the dark clouds helped to create a nice contrast while showcasing the colorful subject. Prints are available by clicking the photo below:
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