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Morning Sun with Wings


Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

I photographed a sulphur butterfly this morning in a West Michigan park as it was warming up from the sun. Its brightly colored yellow/golden wings mirrored the golden sun as it rose to warm the creature. Fortunately, this gave me the opportunity to move in close enough to capture a detailed image before it flew off. I used my Canon 200mm F-2.8L Lens with a 2x convertor making it the equivalent of an 400mm F-5.6. (Click on this or any of my photos to see an enlarged version)

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Feathered Antennae


Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

As I was enjoying being outside today, I noticed this tiny colorful moth on the ground clinging to a leaf. I used my Canon 50mm F-2.5 Macro lens to get in close to photograph the 1 inch wide insect. I didn’t notice its feathered antennae until I saw the image on my computer. These kind of finds are why I enjoy macro photography so much.

A Leaf with Wings


Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

As I walked along a path shortly after a brief rain shower in Zeeland, Michigan recently, a white moth flew in front of me and landed on this green leaf. I used my Canon 50mm F-2.5 Macro lens to capture this moment as the tiny1 inch wide moth rested with its wings spread. I don’t remember ever seeing this type of moth before.

Strike a Pose


Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

My search for interesting butterflies in West Michigan continued this past weekend. I found some success when I spotted this Mourning Cloak (Nymphalis antiopa) butterfly near Allegan, Michigan in a forested area. It came to rest on a log and allowed me to approach it within inches. I used my macro lens to show some of the fine detail of its wing structure. I’ve never been able to get this close before to this particular type of butterfly that is normally found in wooded areas. I was hoping it would open its wings to reveal the more colorful pattern of blue spots with yellow edging this type of butterfly has along the inner wings. It flew away before I had that pleasure, leaving an experience to look forward to on another day. (Please click on the image to see an enlarged, more detailed version).

Beauty in Blue

Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

I’ve heard reports that this year there have been low populations of butterflies in general. Some speculation mentioned the summer drought in 2012 along with the record breaking heat of that year. Whatever the reason(s), I’ve noticed fewer butterflies flying about in West Michigan this summer. The notable exception has been a nice population of Red Spotted Purple Butterflies I found in the Allegan County, Michigan area a few days ago.

At times this butterfly can be difficult to photograph, as they don’t always come to rest for long periods. I almost couldn’t believe my good fortune as I spotted this beauty about 30 feet away coming closer to me, finally resting on a branch just a few feet away. Even more surprising, it let me approach within inches with my macro lens as it filled the frame with its beautiful wings spread wide. It remained in this position for about a minute, giving me plenty of time to try a variety of exposures and depth of field. I’ve been hoping to capture an example of this particular butterfly up close with the beauty of the blue pattern it exhibits and now I have :) (Please click on the image to see a more detailed close up view).

Orange Hawkweed


Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

I was hoping to find some colorful butterflies today, but with none to be found  this Orange Hawkweed flower was a welcome sight. I found it today in Allegan County, Michigan as the sun emerged from cloudy skies. I’m sure it won’t be long before I’ll get a chance to photograph the butterflies that arrive each summer. I’ll most likely use what I did today for this flower photo, a Canon 50mm F-2.5 Macro Lens which allows closeup detailed images. (Click on any of my photos to see an enlarged version)

Newly Emerged

Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

I photographed this newly emerged butterfly as it had broken out of its chrysalis and began to dry its wings. I used a Canon 50 mm F-2.5 Macro lens.

Sorry, No Nectar Today, LOL

Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

This little butterfly came looking for nectar on a different day than the previous butterfly photo shoot. It found what it thought to be a colorful tiny flower of some sort, but it turned out to be the red dot on my Canon EF camera lens. It eventually found some real flowers, but I snapped this shot with my backup camera to preserve the moment before it flew away.

Butterfly Blue

Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

Here’s a little reminder for us all of what to look forward to after our upcoming Winter comes and goes. I got this little beauty enjoying some nectar on a flowering plant last summer in Michigan.

Tiger Swallowtail Caterpillar

Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

I used a Canon Macro F-2.5 lens to get this image of what I believe to be a Tiger Swallowtail Caterpillar as it moved along some vegetation.


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