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Dusk – Water – Trees – Clouds – Michigan


Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

There’s something special and wonderful about dusk in Michigan during Autumn. I found this scene on a waterway in the Upper Peninsula.

Equine Sunset



Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

I photographed this horse and rider on the shores of Lake Michigan as they enjoyed a sunset from the top of a sand dune. I had this image scanned recently from a slide I had filed away.

Gathering Clouds


Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

Shortly before sunset yesterday, large billowing clouds were growing toward the east. I captured the moment with a forest line pictured in the foreground.

Purple Marsh


Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

I ran across the marsh area full of purple loosestrife a few days ago in Southwest Michigan. The colors were quite striking with the surrounding greens of the marsh and the blue sky overhead.

Storm Rolling In


Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

Some storm clouds rolled into Southwest Michigan today. It was a strange mixture of clouds, heavy rain, hail, blue skies and lightning that went through this afternoon. I caught this interesting formation as it passed by.

Look to the Sky


Photos Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

Clouds are one of the first subjects to inspire me to be a photographer. I couldn’t resist photographing a few today. They not only provide shade on a hot sunny summer afternoon, they provide life giving rain and fleeting beauty as they sail by. (A note of caution to anyone photographing the sun as I did in the first image- I was careful to use my video screen and pre-focus. Looking through your viewfinder toward the sun will damage your eye)

Bucolic Scene


Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

I ran across this very old barn in a country setting today.  I think many people share a special feeling about country scenes and the emotions they invoke. Who knows how many decades this old barn has remained standing as crops continue to grow near it every season.

Heavenly Coastal Waters – Or?


Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

I found this in my files from a photo shoot I did a couple of years ago that I wanted to share here. A colorful shoreline by a heavenly tropical Island with clouds reflecting in ocean waters? Or, in reality, clouds lit dramatically after the sun had set. The high contrast, color and texture of a linear cloud bank brought to mind thoughts of an ocean shoreline :)

Rose in the Storm


Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

As the leading edge of a storm passed overhead in Southwest Michigan today, I used my iPhone camera to capture some of the clouds. There was a rose colored tint to some of them before the afternoon seemed to turn to night minutes later.

Big Sky


Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

I captured this moment yesterday over an open field in Ottawa County, Michigan. A storm had just passed over the area. The darker clouds toward the bottom center of the image show the rain falling along the horizon in the distance. (click on this or any of my images to see an enlarged, more detailed version)


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