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Nature’s Art


Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

I’ve had several requests for prints from visitors  since I began posting my outdoor and nature photography. I have uploaded them to

where they can be ordered. If you have a favorite image I haven’t uploaded there, just let me know and I’ll be sure to add it to those you can order. Thanks for visiting!

Connecting with Nature


Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

I had a moment of connection with this deer as it paused this morning near a wetland area in Grand Haven, Michigan. It seemed calm and peaceful with its tail down as it looked at me and just walked into the brush moments later. The sun was low in the sky, providing a pleasing angle of light on the beautiful animal.

Deer in Winter


Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

A deer paused in a snow covered field in Ottawa County, Michigan as I captured the moment.


Post 400! Elk Crossing

Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

For my 400th post I present this photo which I took today at the Outdoor Discovery Center Macatawa Greenway in Holland, Michigan. I found the Elk crossing a stream while displaying its impressive rack.

Whitetail Deer

Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

This Whitetail Deer had its eyes on me, but didn’t seem too alarmed as it was approaching a wooded area in Muskegon County, Michigan today. I used a Canon 200mm F-2.8 L lens with a T3i body. I cropped about half the frame to achieve this particular composition.


Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

I found this deer with a fawn wading in some water looking to get a drink on a warm day in Muskegon County, Michigan this week.


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