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Standing Watch



Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

I found this Great Blue Heron today watching for prey over a local pond. Fish are among its favorite foods along with frogs. Both are in abundance at the pond it was searching.



Heron Reflecting


Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

I found this Great Blue Heron wading through a local wetland area today in Zeeland,  Michigan.  I didn’t see it catch any fish while I was there, but I’m sure it found some eventually as it seemed to be looking for a meal.

Wetland Beauty


Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

I found this Great Blue Heron perched on a tree root in a Zeeland, Michigan wetland area. It was watching for fish from the higher vantage point the roots provided over the surrounding water.

Ripples in the Water


Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

I spotted what I think was a fish rise on the surface of the water from a nearby pond I found this afternoon in Holland, Michigan. It created the circular pattern among the reeds.

Nature’s Art


Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

I’ve had several requests for prints from visitors  since I began posting my outdoor and nature photography. I have uploaded them to

where they can be ordered. If you have a favorite image I haven’t uploaded there, just let me know and I’ll be sure to add it to those you can order. Thanks for visiting!

Waiting for Spring



Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

With blue skies coming back to Michigan the past two days, it brought to mind images of Spring. I found this photo I took in warmer weather to help remind us all that Spring isn’t far away. The Green Heron was in a local wetland area as I captured this moment.

Eagle’s Perch


Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

I ran across this beautiful American Bald Eagle in Holland, Michigan as it perched on a tree branch overlooking a nearby lake.




Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

I found this colorful pair of Green Herons resting in a tree that overlooked a wetland area earlier this year in Southwest Michigan. I’ve seen them hunting for frogs and fish there in the past.


A Rare Sight


Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

I’ve been told the Red Phalarope, a small shorebird, is rarely seen in SouthWest Michigan. I was happy to see this one today in Muskegon County, Michigan as I ventured out on a grey and windy Autumn morning. True to its nature, it was wading along the shoreline feeding and didn’t seem to be a bit bothered by me as I photographed it. I captured this moment as it stretched its wings before going back to its methodical feeding along the shore.


Wetland Flight


Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

I recently took some time to look through my image files when I found this photo I took of a Great Blue Heron flying over a wetland area in Michigan. Canada Geese are seen in the background as well. (Click on this or any of my images to see an enlarged version)


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