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Sunshine in a Field


Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

It was like finding sunshine in a field when I spotted these yellow flowers blossoming today in Ottawa County, Michigan. (Click on this or any of my images to see an enlarged, more detailed version)



Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

I found this white flower growing near an Ottawa County, Michigan field today. The white flower glowed with purity as the sunshine found it.

Purple Flowering


Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

I found this purple flowering plant today in Ottawa County, Michigan.

A Scarce Plant – Indian Pipe


Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

I photographed this grouping of Indian Pipe plant today in Southwest Michigan. This plant is known to be generally scarce or rare in occurrence and was the first time I’ve seen it myself. This white plant does not contain chlorophyll. Being a parasitic plant, it derives its energy from fungi hosts. They flower from summer through early Autumn.


Flying Flower



Photos Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

Photographing butterflies has always been a fun and interesting experience. I was happy to get detailed photos of these two.    “The butterfly is a flying flower, The flower a tethered butterfly.” French lyric poet ― Ponce Denis Écouchard Lebrun

Daisy Pollination


Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

This time of year is great for photographing flowers in Southwest Michigan. I found this daisy in a field of yellow flowers while an insect was pollinating it. If you click on the image you can see a bit more detail in an enlarged version :)

Beauty in the Day



Photos Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

I found these colorful flowers today growing in a wooded area of Ottawa County, Michigan. They displayed their beauty for anyone to enjoy that happened to be walking by, and now you can enjoy it as well :)

In a Yellow Field





Photos Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

I found a few isolated chicory plants today growing in an Ottawa County, Michigan field covered with yellow flowers. After photographing one with the field as a backdrop, I noticed another with an insect pollinating the blue flower and took the opportunity to capture the moment :)

Golden Summit


Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

I found this tiny insect on the top of a golden colored flower today in Ottawa County, Michigan. I estimate the insect was about 1/8 inch (3.175mm) which necessitated the use of my Canon 50mm F-2.5 macro lens.

A Gift of Daisies and Pink Flowers



Photos Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

This post is for you who enjoy pink flowers and daisies :) I found them growing near each other in a local wetland area in Ottawa County, Michigan. I hope it brightens your day!


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