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10,000 Followers! Thanks to All! :)


Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

In celebration of reaching 10,000 followers to my blog, I’m posting one of my favorite subjects in nature, a dragonfly. I’m looking forward to Spring and Summer when I’ll be able to see more of these beautiful creatures in their varying colors and patterns. Thanks so much to all for your continued interest in my blog as I attempt to convey some of the beauty and wonders in nature to you!

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Morning Sun with Wings


Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

I photographed a sulphur butterfly this morning in a West Michigan park as it was warming up from the sun. Its brightly colored yellow/golden wings mirrored the golden sun as it rose to warm the creature. Fortunately, this gave me the opportunity to move in close enough to capture a detailed image before it flew off. I used my Canon 200mm F-2.8L Lens with a 2x convertor making it the equivalent of an 400mm F-5.6. (Click on this or any of my photos to see an enlarged version)

Discovering Nature in Your Home


Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

I didn’t have to stroll any further than to a window at home today to discover a bit of nature. This tiny moth ( about 1/2 inch long ) decided to take a break from flying. I photographed the creature through the glass window with my Canon 50mm F-2.5 lens. The sun provided some nice back lighting to complete the composition.

Feathered Antennae


Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

As I was enjoying being outside today, I noticed this tiny colorful moth on the ground clinging to a leaf. I used my Canon 50mm F-2.5 Macro lens to get in close to photograph the 1 inch wide insect. I didn’t notice its feathered antennae until I saw the image on my computer. These kind of finds are why I enjoy macro photography so much.

Dancing on Water – Making Waves


Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

I stopped to explore Spring Grove park in Ottawa County, Michigan today and found several Water Striders moving on the surface of a stream there. Their long legs take advantage of the water’s high surface tension allowing them to walk on water. In the above image, I captured the moment it created a pattern of waves as it walked on the surface. The photo below displays a different angle showing this remarkable creature as it stands on the water. (Click on any image to see an enlarged version)


Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

Predator in Waiting


Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

As I was walking today in a West Michigan wetland area looking for some photographic opportunities, I noticed an interesting orange colored damselfly along the path. I moved in to take a few photos and followed it hoping to get some more interesting angles of the subject when I noticed this spider. The damselfly went on its way, and I found this spider to be a more interesting subject. It was cooperative, not seeming to be bothered as I moved in closely with my 50mm Canon F-2.5 macro lens. I was happy with the details the image provided showing the intricate patterns and the needle like structures along its legs. (Click on any of my images to see a closer view)

A Leaf with Wings


Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

As I walked along a path shortly after a brief rain shower in Zeeland, Michigan recently, a white moth flew in front of me and landed on this green leaf. I used my Canon 50mm F-2.5 Macro lens to capture this moment as the tiny1 inch wide moth rested with its wings spread. I don’t remember ever seeing this type of moth before.

Flowering Tango


Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

Shortly after a brief rain shower late this afternoon, I decided to go for a walk in a wetland area of Zeeland, Michigan. I spotted this pair of damselflies mating while they created a heart shape. They were flying among some flowers in an area near a pond before they landed together. They were too busy to concern themselves with me as I moved in close for a macro shot with my 50mm lens, lol.

Cedar Waxwing Beauty


Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

I’ve been waiting for an opportunity to find a Cedar Waxwing that would allow me to approach close enough for a detailed photo, and today was the day! As I was walking along a bridge in a Zeeland, Michigan wetland area today (after I had photographed the Great Blue Heron shown in the post below) I noticed some birds feeding near the water. After a short time, a few would perch along the water looking for insects. I slowly moved forward toward a few before they would fly off, but eventually found one that allowed me to come within 10 feet. The photo above was the result :)

Empty Shell


Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

I was walking in the Muskegon, Michigan State Park today looking to find some interesting possibilities for nature photography. I was pleased when I noticed this shell of a Cicada clinging to a tree as I was passing by. The insect itself had molted and moved on. I used a 50mm macro lens framing the remains with an out of focus backdrop of mostly green from the surrounding trees.


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