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Happy Earth Day!


Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

This flight of birds going toward heaven seemed to me to be a great way to reflect on Earth Day and appreciate the beauty of nature. I took the photo over Holland, Michigan during a sunset. Here’s a link to a story about some of my work including this image:

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Colorful Bird


Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

This colorful bird enjoyed its perch at the top of a pine tree this morning. It had a great view under the blue skies of Southwest Michigan. Temperatures should reach over 70 degrees today here :)

Brown Thrasher


Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

I found this Brown Thrasher exposed from its normal covering of shrubbery. It was enjoying the warm sun this morning in Southwest Michigan. A short time later it went back to the cover where it was impossible to see.

Eastern Face of Mount Michigan


Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

Appearances can be deceiving. There are no mountains nearby in Southwest Michigan. However, as I saw this huge pile of material this morning, with the Eastern portion lit in such interesting detail and contrast, I could almost feel as if I were looking at a mountain in the Southwestern U.S. In reality, I think the pile was some form of aggregate material reaching into the sky. (click on this or any of my images to see an enlarged, more detailed view)

Connecting with Nature


Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

I had a moment of connection with this deer as it paused this morning near a wetland area in Grand Haven, Michigan. It seemed calm and peaceful with its tail down as it looked at me and just walked into the brush moments later. The sun was low in the sky, providing a pleasing angle of light on the beautiful animal.

Easter Bunny


Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

This little bunny chose a perfect time to come out and enjoy some early morning sunshine on this Easter Sunday. I found it as I went out this morning visiting a wetland area of Grand Haven, Michigan. Temperatures should pass 70 today in West Michigan with lots of sunshine :)

A Touch of Yellow


Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

I’m looking forward to seeing more Yellow Warblers come back to West Michigan in a few weeks. I photographed this one as it sang last May in a nearby wooded area. It looks like it will finally feel more like Spring as the temperatures approach 70 this weekend in West Michigan :)

Old Barn


Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

I found this old barn today in Ottawa County, Michigan along a roadside. It will be interesting to see how it will appear as the ivy leaves starts to grow on its side adding green to the coloring of the scene.



Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

I attempted to capture the tranquility at day’s end in Holland, Michigan as the sun was setting with this image. Golden/orange light reflects of the ice of Lake Macatawa in the foreground.

Sleepy Owl


Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

I enjoyed photographing this sleepy Snowy Owl. It was stretching its claws while standing on a concrete drainage structure in a field where it hunted. This Snowy could probably win the cutest bird of prey contest if there were such a thing, lol :)


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