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Beauty of Flight



Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

After discovering a Mallard duck habitat today, I was fortunate to have several fly in front of me as they displayed their colorful formation in Holland, Michigan.

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Mallard Habitat


Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

I found these Mallard ducks gathered in their habitat while visiting a wetland area in Holland, Michigan today.  One pair decided to take flight while I was composing the shot :)


Prelude to Flight



Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

I found this pair of Merganser ducks peacefully swimming in Holland, Michigan today and captured the moment when one was just about to become airborne. The other followed  behind. I found it interesting that it had what appeared to be a cross on its back. As it took to the air later, the cross was gone. It appeared to be made of reeds it had swam through. (Click on any of the images to see and enlarged version)



Nature’s Work of Art


Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

The water created a colorful abstract pattern in its ripples as this Mallard duck floated by me on a West Michigan waterway. (click on the image to see an enlarged version)

Waiting for Spring



Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

With blue skies coming back to Michigan the past two days, it brought to mind images of Spring. I found this photo I took in warmer weather to help remind us all that Spring isn’t far away. The Green Heron was in a local wetland area as I captured this moment.

Cover of Snow


Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

I found this wooded area in Ottawa County, Michigan covered with fresh snow. The dark waters of a river separated the blanket of white on each of its banks. (click on the image to see an enlarged version)

Winter Waterfall

Upper Tahquamenon_1

Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

Looking through my files, I found these images I captured from a winter past in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. The partially frozen Upper Tahquamenon Falls were quite beautiful along with the huge icicles that hung from the nearby shore. The 200 foot wide Falls have a drop of 48 feet on the Tahquamenon River which is known for its yellow brown color caused by the tannis leached from cedar swamps.

Upper Tahquamenon2

Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

Cool Style or Bad Hair Day?



Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

I found this duck swimming today in a West Michigan pond sporting a cool hair style. Or maybe it just had a bad hair day? LOL.

Disappearing Ice



Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

I found this pair of Mallard ducks munching on the edge of an ice flow in Holland, Michigan today. I’m not sure why they were doing this, but if you have any ideas, feel free to post them :)

Feathered Swan



Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

I liked the way the light interplayed with shadow showing the details in this Trumpeter Swan’s white feathers. I found it at the Kellogg Bird Sanctuary near Kalamazoo, Michigan last Autumn.


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