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Spectacle in the Air


Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

I was happy to get very close to this Great Blue Heron today as it was flying in a local wetland area. I saw three more nearby, but this was my favorite flight photo from today. (click on this or any of my images to see an enlarged more detailed version)

Baby Swans




Photos Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

Looking through my files I ran across these cute baby mute swans, or cygnets, I photographed as they swam with their parents in West Michigan.



Wetland Beauty


Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

I found this Great Blue Heron perched on a tree root in a Zeeland, Michigan wetland area. It was watching for fish from the higher vantage point the roots provided over the surrounding water.

Running Start


Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

I captured the moment that this Trumpeter Swan got a “running start” on the surface of a Southwest Michigan wetland area. They are quite large with adults measuring 138–165 cm (4 ft 6 in–5 ft 5 in) long and with an average weight in males of 11.9 kg (26 lb) and 9.4 kg (21 lb) in females. They need to gain enough speed to reach takeoff velocity :)

Ripples in the Water


Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

I spotted what I think was a fish rise on the surface of the water from a nearby pond I found this afternoon in Holland, Michigan. It created the circular pattern among the reeds.

Nature’s Art


Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

I’ve had several requests for prints from visitors  since I began posting my outdoor and nature photography. I have uploaded them to

where they can be ordered. If you have a favorite image I haven’t uploaded there, just let me know and I’ll be sure to add it to those you can order. Thanks for visiting!

Beauty of Flight



Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

After discovering a Mallard duck habitat today, I was fortunate to have several fly in front of me as they displayed their colorful formation in Holland, Michigan.

Mallard Habitat


Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

I found these Mallard ducks gathered in their habitat while visiting a wetland area in Holland, Michigan today.  One pair decided to take flight while I was composing the shot :)


Prelude to Flight



Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

I found this pair of Merganser ducks peacefully swimming in Holland, Michigan today and captured the moment when one was just about to become airborne. The other followed  behind. I found it interesting that it had what appeared to be a cross on its back. As it took to the air later, the cross was gone. It appeared to be made of reeds it had swam through. (Click on any of the images to see and enlarged version)



Nature’s Work of Art


Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

The water created a colorful abstract pattern in its ripples as this Mallard duck floated by me on a West Michigan waterway. (click on the image to see an enlarged version)


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