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A Touch of Yellow


Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

I’m looking forward to seeing more Yellow Warblers come back to West Michigan in a few weeks. I photographed this one as it sang last May in a nearby wooded area. It looks like it will finally feel more like Spring as the temperatures approach 70 this weekend in West Michigan :)

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Remnants of Winter


Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

Some of Winter’s snow remained today in a wetland area of Holland, Michigan. I found this Great Blue Heron there amidst the reeds and melting snow. It was feeling like Spring as temperatures approached 50F (10C) in West Michigan with tomorrow expected to reach 60F (15.55C). (click on the image to see an enlarged more detailed view)

Ice Light


Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

Winter tries to hold on tightly this Spring in Michigan. I found these formations of ice on the Pere Marquette lighthouse yesterday in Muskegon, Michigan along the shores of the big lake.

Frozen Waves of Sand


Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

I discovered this mixture of sand and ice along the shores of Lake Michigan yesterday.  It remains a cold Spring as much of the ice remains on the beach of Pere Marquett in Muskegon, Michigan.  The red lighthouse stands in the background amidst the frozen wonderland.


Waiting for Spring



Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

With blue skies coming back to Michigan the past two days, it brought to mind images of Spring. I found this photo I took in warmer weather to help remind us all that Spring isn’t far away. The Green Heron was in a local wetland area as I captured this moment.

Lines of Symmetry


Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

This image from my files was taken last May in a wetland area of Southwest, Michigan. With Christmas approaching, the green theme seemed somehow appropriate. I liked the symmetrical look the lines created as the tree trunks reflected in the pond.

Beauty in Blue

Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

I’ve heard reports that this year there have been low populations of butterflies in general. Some speculation mentioned the summer drought in 2012 along with the record breaking heat of that year. Whatever the reason(s), I’ve noticed fewer butterflies flying about in West Michigan this summer. The notable exception has been a nice population of Red Spotted Purple Butterflies I found in the Allegan County, Michigan area a few days ago.

At times this butterfly can be difficult to photograph, as they don’t always come to rest for long periods. I almost couldn’t believe my good fortune as I spotted this beauty about 30 feet away coming closer to me, finally resting on a branch just a few feet away. Even more surprising, it let me approach within inches with my macro lens as it filled the frame with its beautiful wings spread wide. It remained in this position for about a minute, giving me plenty of time to try a variety of exposures and depth of field. I’ve been hoping to capture an example of this particular butterfly up close with the beauty of the blue pattern it exhibits and now I have :) (Please click on the image to see a more detailed close up view).

Avian Beauty


Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

It was a hot and sunny day today in West Michigan as I found this Killdeer in an area of gravel that was well traveled by people. I think the familiarity with people it had was why it allowed me to get in close enough for a detailed photo as it displayed its feathers.

Reaching for the Sun


Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

The sun peaked out between the clouds recently as I found this flower seeming to soak in its rays. The colors seemed to glow as I captured the image of natural beauty in Ottawa County, Michigan.

Yellow Beauty


Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

On a recent nature walk in Zeeland, Michigan I found these yellow flowers along a path. I wondered if they were in the buttercup flower family, but perhaps someone can post what they think they are :)


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