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Waiting for Spring



Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

With blue skies coming back to Michigan the past two days, it brought to mind images of Spring. I found this photo I took in warmer weather to help remind us all that Spring isn’t far away. The Green Heron was in a local wetland area as I captured this moment.

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Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

I found this colorful pair of Green Herons resting in a tree that overlooked a wetland area earlier this year in Southwest Michigan. I’ve seen them hunting for frogs and fish there in the past.


Lines of Symmetry


Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

This image from my files was taken last May in a wetland area of Southwest, Michigan. With Christmas approaching, the green theme seemed somehow appropriate. I liked the symmetrical look the lines created as the tree trunks reflected in the pond.

Wilderness Fishing


Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

This morning I went to visit an Ottawa County, Michigan wetland area where I’ve seen Great Blue Herons fishing as they waded through the shallow waters there. Today I was happy to see another visitor, a Great White Egret as it was doing the same, testing its fishing skills among the tall reeds. To give you an idea of scale for the photo, the Great White Egret is about a meter tall (Over 3 feet).

Hunter’s Eyes


Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

I’ve noticed this hawk perching in the same area of Ottawa County, Michigan for about a week now. Today I finally had the time to attempt to photograph it. I was pleased to see it again in the general area I expected to find it and was even happier that it allowed me to approach closely enough to capture a detailed photo. I believe it to be a Red Tailed Hawk which are commonly seen along roadsides as they hunt.

Sky Afire


Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

I woke up to an amazing sky today. It seemed to be full of fire and the display was incredibly beautiful. I was looking for an interesting foreground when I found these electric power transmission lines and towers. I thought the interaction between nature and man was interesting. I also wondered if in time towers such as these will become obsolete when new methods of transferring the power needs of people may be found.


Morning Sunburst


Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

I enjoyed a spectacular sunrise this morning and was happy with the thought of sharing it here. This was taken near Hudsonville, Michigan where there were a few opportunities to find open fields in an agricultural setting. Fortunately, this offered more of a clear view to the horizon. (Click on this or any of my images to see an enlarged version)

Spread Your Wings


Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

As I was walking along a wooded trail near a stream in Ottawa County, Michigan yesterday, I noticed what I believed to be an immature wood duck resting on a log. I was perhaps 30 feet from the bird as we noticed each other. I began photographing the beautiful waterfowl as it sat patiently preening its feathers. Eventually it spread its wings displaying some vibrant coloring and I captured the moment before it went into the water and on its way.

Feathered Antennae


Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

As I was enjoying being outside today, I noticed this tiny colorful moth on the ground clinging to a leaf. I used my Canon 50mm F-2.5 Macro lens to get in close to photograph the 1 inch wide insect. I didn’t notice its feathered antennae until I saw the image on my computer. These kind of finds are why I enjoy macro photography so much.

Dancing on Water – Making Waves


Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

I stopped to explore Spring Grove park in Ottawa County, Michigan today and found several Water Striders moving on the surface of a stream there. Their long legs take advantage of the water’s high surface tension allowing them to walk on water. In the above image, I captured the moment it created a pattern of waves as it walked on the surface. The photo below displays a different angle showing this remarkable creature as it stands on the water. (Click on any image to see an enlarged version)


Copyright Jeffrey Foltice


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