Oh Canada



Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

I captured the moment this flock of Canada geese were flying as the sun set. The afterglow painted the sky a pale pink color while the group of birds sailed through the air.

Hiding in Plain Sight


Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

Walking by a tree with this owl carefully hiding, you could be forgiven for not seeing it. I caught this little one peaking out from a hiding place.

Color on the Wing


Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

When given the opportunity, I enjoy photographing ducks in flight. On this day, I was pleased to get this group displaying some color.

Heavenly Flight


Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

From this point of view I felt as if I were in the clouds with this flock of birds, flying toward heavenly realms.

Look Up


Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

Sometimes all you need to do is look up, as I did when this green heron flew right above me in a wetland area in Southwest Michigan near sunset.

Watchful Eye


Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

I’ll be keeping an eye out for for Snowy owls soon. I found this one nearby in West Michigan during a past winter and hope to see more again.

Migration Time


Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

It’s that time of year again when Sandhill Cranes are migrating in preparation for winter. They are another favorite bird of mine to photograph and I was happy to get them with a blue sky as a backdrop.

American Eagle


Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

I was happy to get close enough to take a detailed photo of this American Bald Eagle as it sat overlooking a lake in a nearby park. Eagles have been known to visit the area to hunt for fish.