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Nature’s Art


Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

I’ve had several requests for prints from visitors  since I began posting my outdoor and nature photography. I have uploaded them to

where they can be ordered. If you have a favorite image I haven’t uploaded there, just let me know and I’ll be sure to add it to those you can order. Thanks for visiting!



Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

I attempted to capture the tranquility at day’s end in Holland, Michigan as the sun was setting with this image. Golden/orange light reflects of the ice of Lake Macatawa in the foreground.

Remnants of Winter


Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

Some of Winter’s snow remained today in a wetland area of Holland, Michigan. I found this Great Blue Heron there amidst the reeds and melting snow. It was feeling like Spring as temperatures approached 50F (10C) in West Michigan with tomorrow expected to reach 60F (15.55C). (click on the image to see an enlarged more detailed view)

Ice Light


Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

Winter tries to hold on tightly this Spring in Michigan. I found these formations of ice on the Pere Marquette lighthouse yesterday in Muskegon, Michigan along the shores of the big lake.

Sand Mushroom


Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

As the mixture of sand and ice remain, nature creates sculptures when the ice partially melts. I found this example that to me looked much like a mushroom on the beach sands at Pere Marquette in Muskegon, Michigan yesterday.


Frozen Waves of Sand


Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

I discovered this mixture of sand and ice along the shores of Lake Michigan yesterday.  It remains a cold Spring as much of the ice remains on the beach of Pere Marquett in Muskegon, Michigan.  The red lighthouse stands in the background amidst the frozen wonderland.


Winter Light


Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

Each Grand Haven, Michigan winter produces its own signature in the way the ice freezes and melts, how much snow accumulates, etc. This is a winter past that I captured with the Lake Michigan lighthouse and pier in the background along with ice formations in the foreground. Winter can be beautiful.


Blue Sky Kind of Day



Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

It was a beautiful blue sky kind of day in West Michigan. I went looking for some birds who might be out in those blue skies and was happy to see these on and around some pine trees. One had just taken off from another branch while the other remained perched on its own.

Snow on a Hill


Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

This Snowy Owl was resting on a hillside as I photographed it in Muskegon County, Michigan. Although I took this photo in a previous winter, there have been widespread reports of many Snowy Owls making their way south this year.


Cover of Snow


Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

I found this wooded area in Ottawa County, Michigan covered with fresh snow. The dark waters of a river separated the blanket of white on each of its banks. (click on the image to see an enlarged version)


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