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Color in the North


Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

Fall color in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan is always a pleasure to see. I found this scene with a nice dark sky as a backdrop to help set off the colors even more.

Dusk – Water – Trees – Clouds – Michigan


Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

There’s something special and wonderful about dusk in Michigan during Autumn. I found this scene on a waterway in the Upper Peninsula.

Colorful Drive


Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

Autumn in Michigan is a great time to go for a drive as this photo I took clearly demonstrates :)

Autumn View from Michigan


Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

Autumn view of the Porcupine Mountains area in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula early one morning as a mist formed over the river below.



Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

As I photographed the sun among the clouds recently, I thought of it as a landscape in the sky, hence the title “Skyscape”.


Forest Floor in Autumn


Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

I noticed this Oak leaf resting on some green moss today while walking through a wooded area in Muskegon, Michigan. The intricate veins throughout the leaf structure looked interesting to me. This particular example must have fallen recently as it appeared more fresh than the surrounding leaves.

Autumn Road


Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

I found this country road near Grand Haven, Michigan recently and enjoyed the Autumn view. Most of the colorful leaves in the area are gone now as winter approaches.


Engulfed In Color


Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

I found this tree today engulfed with Fall Color on a West Michigan roadside. With so much rain and high winds in recent days, many of the trees in the area have lost their leaves. I was happy to find some nice examples that had survived those conditions, still displaying their full brilliance.


Power of the Lake


Copyright Jeffrey Foltice


Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

I enjoyed photographing some large waves crashing into the Grand Haven State Park lighthouse today on the shores of Lake Michigan. This is typical every year during Autumn as the winds and waves grow in intensity on the big lake. The lighthouse itself is over 40 feet high with the spray from the waves rising above that height today. (click on an image to see an enlarged view)

Autumn Glory


Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

Autumn is one of my favorite times of year, in large part due to the beautiful colors that seemingly explode from the trees. I decided to focus on a more detailed photo of a leaf and found it interesting to add a layered look to the image by positioning the angle of view to show another leaf behind the one in the foreground. (Click on any of my images to see a more detailed enlargement)



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