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Peacock Colors



Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

I’ve been meaning to photograph these peacock feathers for some time now and finally did today. I used a Canon 50mm Macro F-2.5 lens to get in close to the subject and reveal the details along with the colorful patterns.

Power of the Lake


Copyright Jeffrey Foltice


Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

I enjoyed photographing some large waves crashing into the Grand Haven State Park lighthouse today on the shores of Lake Michigan. This is typical every year during Autumn as the winds and waves grow in intensity on the big lake. The lighthouse itself is over 40 feet high with the spray from the waves rising above that height today. (click on an image to see an enlarged view)

Window Through the Storm


Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

As a storm front came ashore from Lake Michigan in the west toward Holland, Michigan this afternoon,  I could see through an opening in the clouds which revealed a clear blue sky in the distance.  Autumn cloud formations often offer themselves as interesting subjects for photography and today was no exception.


Out of the Blue


Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

Shortly after photographing the butterfly in the previous post, I heard and then saw something flying directly overhead of a different sort. I’m sure the pilot of this unusual craft had a great view as it flew in a clear blue sky over the wetland area I was exploring in Southwest, Michigan yesterday.

Beauty in Blue

Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

I’ve heard reports that this year there have been low populations of butterflies in general. Some speculation mentioned the summer drought in 2012 along with the record breaking heat of that year. Whatever the reason(s), I’ve noticed fewer butterflies flying about in West Michigan this summer. The notable exception has been a nice population of Red Spotted Purple Butterflies I found in the Allegan County, Michigan area a few days ago.

At times this butterfly can be difficult to photograph, as they don’t always come to rest for long periods. I almost couldn’t believe my good fortune as I spotted this beauty about 30 feet away coming closer to me, finally resting on a branch just a few feet away. Even more surprising, it let me approach within inches with my macro lens as it filled the frame with its beautiful wings spread wide. It remained in this position for about a minute, giving me plenty of time to try a variety of exposures and depth of field. I’ve been hoping to capture an example of this particular butterfly up close with the beauty of the blue pattern it exhibits and now I have :) (Please click on the image to see a more detailed close up view).

Blue Dragons


Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

I found these two Blue Dragonflies on the same day as the previous post. Again, I was surrounded by mosquitoes, which the dragonflies would hunt after resting on their perch. This pair was in an Allegon County, Michigan field.

Liquid Flight


Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

I captured this moment today of a Barn Swallow as it sped over the water of a pond in Holland, Michigan. It was one of several that appeared to be hunting for insects as they zigged and zagged over the water tirelessly. (Click on the image to see an enlarged version)

Spread Your Wings


Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

I found this Sandhill Crane flying over an Allegan County, Michigan wetland area this afternoon. I was fortunate enough that it flew fairly close overhead as the sun was shining through its wings. The end result displayed the detail of the feather patterns nicely.


Colorful Star(ling)


Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

This colorful European Starling was indeed the “star” bird of the day to my eyes, as it flashed its vibrant plumage during my outing last weekend. I found it at a local park in Zeeland, Michigan later in the afternoon as the clouds moved out revealing a blue sky. The sun was in just the right position to showcase the neon-like colors it presented. I had just a few seconds to compose the shot and capture the fleeting moment of beauty before it took to flight.

Jump into Freedom


Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

I found this Red Tailed Hawk today and captured the moment it jumped into the air from its perch. I found three other hawks today, but wasn’t able to get as close to them as I did this one. Again, this is one of my favorite types of birds to photograph.


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