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Spread Your Wings


Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

I found this Sandhill Crane flying over an Allegan County, Michigan wetland area this afternoon. I was fortunate enough that it flew fairly close overhead as the sun was shining through its wings. The end result displayed the detail of the feather patterns nicely.


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Colorful Star(ling)


Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

This colorful European Starling was indeed the “star” bird of the day to my eyes, as it flashed its vibrant plumage during my outing last weekend. I found it at a local park in Zeeland, Michigan later in the afternoon as the clouds moved out revealing a blue sky. The sun was in just the right position to showcase the neon-like colors it presented. I had just a few seconds to compose the shot and capture the fleeting moment of beauty before it took to flight.

Jump into Freedom


Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

I found this Red Tailed Hawk today and captured the moment it jumped into the air from its perch. I found three other hawks today, but wasn’t able to get as close to them as I did this one. Again, this is one of my favorite types of birds to photograph.

Psychedelic Ship

Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

This dragonfly took a trip on what looked like a “psychedelic ship”, or what some might see as a colorfully patterned water lily of some sort. Either way, the blue dragonfly seemed to be traveling first class over the dark waters of a Michigan pond as I photographed it.

Sorry, No Nectar Today, LOL

Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

This little butterfly came looking for nectar on a different day than the previous butterfly photo shoot. It found what it thought to be a colorful tiny flower of some sort, but it turned out to be the red dot on my Canon EF camera lens. It eventually found some real flowers, but I snapped this shot with my backup camera to preserve the moment before it flew away.

Butterfly Blue

Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

Here’s a little reminder for us all of what to look forward to after our upcoming Winter comes and goes. I got this little beauty enjoying some nectar on a flowering plant last summer in Michigan.

Blue on Green

Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

Butterflies are one of my favorite photographic subjects. I found this one in an Ottawa County, Michigan forest area resting on a leaf. If you’d like to see more of the many butterfly photos I’ve taken, use the search box to the right and just type in the word butterfly :)

Freedom of Flight

Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

As a photographer who has taken many thousands of photos over the past few years, it can be easy to forget some of the images I’ve had the pleasure to capture. It can be fun looking through archived files when you run across a photo like this one. I photographed this Sandhill Crane as it flew early in the morning about two years ago near the peak of the annual bird migration in Northern Indiana.

Pelican Preening

Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

This pelican was in the process of preening its feathers as I captured the moment. The play of light and shadow display the texture and detail of the features and vibrant color of the bird’s eye and face. If you would enjoy a high resolution print of this image, please click on the photo below.

Photography Prints

Cloud Formations

Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

Massive cloud formations appeared over a Zeeland, Michigan field. The clouds produced plenty of rain over the area, which was welcomed after a long dry spell. Prints and greeting cards of this image are available below via the photo link:
Art Prints


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