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Winged Tiger


Photo Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

As I walked near sunset yesterday in a West Michigan wetland area, I noticed this Great Horned Owl watching me. They were known as Winged Tigers by early naturalists. (they were also called Hoot Owls and Tiger Owls). This one looked to be about 25 inches tall (63.5 cm). I was happy I had my camera with me :) (Click on the image to see an enlarged more detailed version)

Sleepy Owl


Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

I enjoyed photographing this sleepy Snowy Owl. It was stretching its claws while standing on a concrete drainage structure in a field where it hunted. This Snowy could probably win the cutest bird of prey contest if there were such a thing, lol :)

Snow on a Hill


Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

This Snowy Owl was resting on a hillside as I photographed it in Muskegon County, Michigan. Although I took this photo in a previous winter, there have been widespread reports of many Snowy Owls making their way south this year.


My Eye on You


Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

This winter there has been a larger number of migrating Snowy Owls moving south compared to most years. I haven’t had the time to search very much lately, but looking through my files I found this photo I took from a previous migration in Michigan. The sun was low in the sky giving the owl a golden tinged appearance. I liked the way it had its eye on me, watching as I took the photo.

Unobstructed View


Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

This is another photo I took earlier this year in Southwest Michigan. Great Horned Owls seem to prefer hunting from elevated areas that overlook fields. They can hear and see their prey more easily from such an unobstructed vantage point.



Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

I found this image in my files of an owl I photographed last year just in time to post for Halloween :) Hopefully it didn’t scare you too much, lol.  (Click on this or any of my photographs to see a more detailed image)


Winged Display


Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

I enjoyed photographing this Great Horned Owl yesterday at the Outdoor Discovery Center in Holland, Michigan, particularly when it displayed its impressive and colorful wingspan.

Barred Owl Wings


Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

This Barred Owl displayed its impressive wingspan today at the Outdoor Discovery Center in Holland, Michigan during their annual Winter Fest.

Peak a boo, Eye see you


Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

This little Screech Owl displayed its ability to hide in plain sight pretty well today as I photographed it peaking from inside a hollow tree trunk while it blended in with the bark patterns. This was one of many birds available to see for visitors to the Outdoor Discovery Center during the annual Winterfest which was held today.

Great Horned Owl


Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

I had the pleasure of photographing the resident Great Horned Owl at the Outdoor Discovery Center in Holland, Michigan today during their annual Winterfest celebration. Although there wasn’t any snow to be seen, there was plenty of fun to be had, especially for photographers.


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