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Colorful Star(ling)


Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

This colorful European Starling was indeed the “star” bird of the day to my eyes, as it flashed its vibrant plumage during my outing last weekend. I found it at a local park in Zeeland, Michigan later in the afternoon as the clouds moved out revealing a blue sky. The sun was in just the right position to showcase the neon-like colors it presented. I had just a few seconds to compose the shot and capture the fleeting moment of beauty before it took to flight.

Canada Geese

Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

I found this group of Canada Geese enjoying a sunny West Michigan afternoon today.

A Day at the Beach

Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

There were plenty of people enjoying the beach and Lake Michigan at the State Park in Holland, Michigan yesterday. There will likely be more over the remainder of this weekend visiting the park with such nice warm weather in the area.

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Reflecting Swan

Copyright Jeffrey Foltice

I found this Trumpeter Swan standing on some ice near the open waters of Wintergreen Lake at the Kellogg bird Sanctuary yesterday during another sunny Winter Day in West Michigan.

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