Color of Summer

I found this flower on an August afternoon. I enjoy the bright colors of summer and hope you do as well.

Photo copyright Jeffrey Foltice






  1. Rose of Sharon, a flower of Israel. My mother had those bushes in the front of the house, and they grew into trees. Full of honey bees. Some “menace of a kid”, used to fill pockets with seed laden buds and have ammo for the sling shot.

    I bought this house just over a year ago, and started straightening out a neglected yard, as this was a foreclosure house abandoned several years earlier. I was going to dig out a tree stump of three inches around. Then I saw one tiny leaf and recognized it as a Rose of Sharon. Some, Miracle Grow, and there is a healthy little shrub of almost four feet. I look at those leaves and think.., “ammo”.


  2. I love your Rose of Sharon photo. I started my bush from a branch. It is now 12 feet tall. Beautiful. But do your June bugs love it? Mine do! From


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